Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dr. Mark Elgart of SACS Speaks to the DeKalb BOE

Video of Dr. Elgart's 3/14 Address to the DCSS BOE

Dr. Elgart addressed the BOE prior to Monday's Business Meeting.   This video is a little over an hour long, but well worth watching - do not let the media drive your view of what is going on between SACS and DCSS.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dunwoody High Students Head to "American Idol"

(Courtesy of Fox 5 Atlanta)

Some Dunwoody High School students will get the trip of a lifetime. They'll head to Los Angeles for a behind the scenes look at American Idol thanks to alum Ryan Seacrest.

At Dunwoody High School, it's the morning announcements - broadcast from the school's new, state-of-the-art studio. But the excitement for this class is an upcoming trip to Los Angeles - including a backstage pass to one of the most watched shows on earth – American Idol.And it's all thanks to Dunwoody High's most distinguished former student - Ryan Seacrest.

"I can't sleep at night I'm so excited," said student Alex Faas.

The 24 students will sit in on a rehearsal and taping of American Idol as well as some other experiences that mass communications teacher Jack Reynolds is trying to keep a secret. 

"I figured out some of the secrets we're doing in L.A. We're going to do a little bit of the premiere at Paul. We also doing a tour of a TV show hopefully - which happens to be one of my favorite shows. I think it's Glee," said Fass.

"Hopefully, maybe J-Lo is there, somebody like that," said student Darrius Hamilton.

Seacrest's mom was back at the family's stomping grounds to see the new studio and was amazed at the progress."This looks fabulous," said Ryan's mother, Connie Seacrest. "You've come a long way from the first voice of Dunwoody that's for sure."

But Mrs. Seacrest says no one is more excited than Ryan about Dunwoody High being in L.A.."He can't wait. He loves seeing people from his hometown and that's why he started the project at Egelston because this is where he began," said Connie Seacrest.

"Hey everyone,..." The voice, a radio program located in the lobby of Children's Hospital at Egleston is Seacrest's pet project and Dunwoody students host the show every week. Mrs. Seacrest says while the trip to L.A. is a treat for Dunwoody, knowing the next voice could be sitting where her son sat is Dunwoody's gift to her. "One of the guys told me one day, he said I'm the next Ryan Seacrest. I said good for you. You have to have a passion and a dream," said Mrs. Seacrest. 

The students depart Sunday for Los Angeles and will be returning Thursday.