Sunday, November 18, 2012

Former Dunwoody High Standout Treavor Scales
Ends Harvard Career with Win Over Yale

Boston Globe:  Harvard Tops Yale In The Game 

Collton Chapple arrived from Alpharetta, via Greater Atlanta Christian High School. Treavor Scales signed on from Stone Mountain and Dunwoody High School.  The Georgia boys. At Harvard...Their presence, and impact on the program, even prior to Saturday’s 129th edition of The Game, was immeasurable.

Thanks to Steve Barton for "tweeting" out the link to the article.

AJC:  Metro Atlanta Pair Help Harvard Extend Streak

Neither Chapple nor Scales knew much about Harvard football until they got recruited. Choosing an Ivy school means foregoing football opportunities available elsewhere. Chief among those is the chance to compete in the playoffs or a bowl game. The Ivies banned postseason play decades ago; the world has changed since Harvard’s 1919 team won the national championship and the Rose Bowl. Still, Harvard offered opportunities other schools didn’t....“As a parent you say I hope he realizes what we’ve been teaching him as a kid, that education is first,” Steven Scales said. “When he said, ‘Dad, Mom, I want to go to Harvard,’ we said, ‘He gets it.’

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