Thursday, December 20, 2012

Peachtree Charter Middle School Competition Cheer Squad
Earns a Grand Champion Title…again!

PCMS cheerleaders took FIRST PLACE in the Middle School Cheer Division at the FCC State Championship held at the Gwinnett Arena, as well as the FCC State Championship Cheerleading GRAND CHAMPIONS!

Congratulations to the PCMS Competition Cheer Squad for taking their SECOND Grand Champion Title! Their first title was earned earlier at the Inferno Spirit Cheer and Dance competition in November.

A special thanks goes to our wonderful coach, Ava Moore and congratulations to all of our cheerleaders: Alyssa Sullivan, Annie Wall, Ariana Cohen, Ashton Harbin, Belle Schindler, Christy Holloway, Elyse Connor, Emily Christensen, Emma Sheehan, Erin Zeigler, Ginna Feiman, Holley Leech, Jessica Gibson, Lauren Callihan, Maddie Srochi, Meaghan Pressnall, Molly Taptich, Naomi Mitchell, Olivia Milam, Sarah Wagner, Savannah Maddux and Taylor Pressnall.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chesnut Charter Elementary News
New Track and Robotics Competition

Chesnut Foundation to Build Track at School

Chesnut has won a $5000 grant from the GA Department of Public Health that will be used to build a walking/running crushed granite track in the lower field of the school. In addition, the new grant will provide new materials for our Farm-to-School school-wide nutrition lessons. This will be a wonderful addition for the Chesnut community.

Chesnut Robotics Team Brings Home Trophy

Chesnut's robotics team, the CougarBots, have brought home a trophy in their very first year in competition. Our team won the award for Best Presentation for their proposal to create marked walking paths around our neighborhood that could be used as a way to help seniors be more comfortable while getting good exercise. (This idea has even been presented to the City of Dunwoody for consideration.)

The team narrowly missed advancing to the next round of competition due to a last-minute robot malfunction, but they earned excellent experience and showed wonderful team spirit during some challenging times at the competition. The Chesnut community can be very proud of the CougarBots' results and experience.

We thank Mrs. Kara Grant, Mrs. Stacia Brown, and our Northside Hospital Partners-in-Education for helping to make the CougarBots' first year a success!

Monday, December 17, 2012

DeKalb County School District Placed on Probation

Update from Fran Millar's Facebook post:

I with other members of the DeKalb delegation will be meeting with Governor's office on this matter after the holidays. I need to review the entire report since ONLY the media was invited to the press conference

Further to the suspension below, the State Board is required to to conduct a hearing in not less than10 days nor more than 30 days and recommend to the Governor whether to suspend all eligible members of the local board. I will monitor the State Board to make sure the law is followed.

Click here to read the entire SACS report.  Thanks to Maureen Downey of Get Schooled/AJC for providing the document on her blog.

Ok, Governor Deal, the ball is on your court.....

Friday, December 14, 2012

Dunwoody High Math Team News

Congratulations to our Mathematician of the Week David Heavern and to our JV Mathematician of the Week Parul Rai!

Mandelbrot results
We also now have results from Round 2 of the Mandelbrot Mathematics Competition: In Round 2, Parker Hollander was our leading scorer, with strong supporting performances from Will Koval, Will Altman, Thomas Dellaert, Wesley Dixon, Penny Kahn, Jonathan Olson, and Andrew Weatherly.

After two rounds, DHS is now ranked 13th in the Southeast (up 2 places from Round 1), and our 2nd team moved up 7 places to 22nd. Individually, Will Koval and Parker Hollander are on the Leader Board, in 21st and 32nd place respectively overall.

Additionally, Andrew Weatherly, Jonathan Olson and John Riordan are ranked in the top 100, and in the top 150, we have Penny Kahn, Wesley Dixon, Craig Sturken, Thomas Dellaert, and Will Altman.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dunwoody High Students Selected for Honor Band

Auditions for Georgia Music Educators Association (GMEA) District IV Honor Band were held this past Saturday at Lithonia High School. DHS is proud to announce that the following 17 students earned positions in this year's Honor Band:

9th and 10th Grade Band

Olivia Plumb
Amy Minnoch
Aaron Martin
Katie Kish
Caroline Kish
John Hudson
Daniel Nixon
Joseph Nixon

11th and 12th Grade Band
Josh Klein
Taylor Haas
Scott Kayhan
Brendan Sexton
Conor Wheeler
Nate Galerstein
Oliver Ni
Josh Galerstein
Jonathan Krieck

Special kudos to Caroline Kish, Daniel Nixon, Nate Galerstein and Josh Galerstein for earning First Chairs in their sections. ALL of these students also qualify for the final auditions in January for the 2013 Georgia All-State Band. Please congratulate these students and on this incredible accomplishment.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dr. Cheryl L.H. Atkinson, Superintendent
Guiding Questions - Summary
Dunwoody High School – Region 1 Roundtable
Tucker High School - Region 2 Roundtable

Many of the same issues and comments from both Regions.  This comment from the Tucker roundtable sums it up for me:
·         We are all on the same team.
o   Parent concerns are not an attack on the District.

Click here to view the summary of the Region 1 Roundtable. 
Click here to view the summary of the Region 2 Roundtable.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dunwoody High School

Governor’s Honors Program Nominees

The Georgia Governor's Honors Program (GHP) is a six-week summer residential instructional program (four weeks in 2013) designed to provide intellectually gifted and artistically talented high school students challenging and enriching educational opportunities not usually available during the regular school year. Activities are designed to provide each participant with opportunities to acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes to become independent, life-long learners. The Georgia Governor's Honors Program is fully-funded by the Georgia General Assembly, and operates at no cost to the participant.

Congratulations to the 143 DeKalb County School students nominated for the Governor’s Honors program. Click here to view the DCSD Press Release and list of nominees.

Good luck to the following Dunwoody High School students as they prepare for their upcoming Governor’s Honors interviews:

Zachary BloombergMathematics
Kelly CarterSpanish
Sindy ChavezFrench
Elizabeth ClearyGerman
Jeanne DavisCommunicative Arts
Thomas DellaertMathematics
Bridget EiseleSpanish
Josh GalersteinMusic/Brass(Tuba)
Nate GalersteinMusic/Brass(Euphonium/Baritone)
Noah GoldsteinBiology
Mallory HarrisMathematics
Kristin IngramCommunicative Arts
Joshua KleinMusic/Brass(Trumpet)
Mary Elizabeth LeeMathematics
Kendall LowerySocial Studies
Aaron MartinMathematics
Sarah MontgomeryMusic/Woodwinds(Clarinet)
Joseph NotoMathematics
Saakya PeecharaCommunicative Arts
Robin SpratlingSpanish
Jacky ZhuMathematics

Monday, December 3, 2012

Chesnut Charter Elementary School
Robotics Tournament and New Track

Chesnut CougarBots To Compete on Saturday, Dec. 8th

This is the first year of competition for Chesnut's Robotics team, the CougarBots. They have been preparing -- building a robot, programming it, and creating their presentation -- for many months. They'll have a chance to put their robot and ideas to the test THIS weekend. Anyone can attend the competition to cheer them on!
  • Saturday, December 8 at Tucker High School, 9am - 5pm
Contact for details on when the CougarBots will be competing during the day -- or come at the end for the championship rounds -- if you'd like to stop by and see what it's all about!

A New Track Coming to Chesnut

Chesnut has been awarded another grant, bringing this year's total to $6400 so far! Our first grant paid the steep start-up costs of Chesnut's Technology Club and Lego Robotics team, and this new award will be used to.... build a walking/running crushed gravel track in the lower field. In addition, the new grant will provide new materials for our Farm-to-School school-wide nutrition lessons.  The new track and enhanced nutrition lessons are being supervised and overseen by Chesnut's Wellness Team. If you have any questions or would like to be involved in the work of this group, please contact