Monday, December 17, 2012

DeKalb County School District Placed on Probation

Update from Fran Millar's Facebook post:

I with other members of the DeKalb delegation will be meeting with Governor's office on this matter after the holidays. I need to review the entire report since ONLY the media was invited to the press conference

Further to the suspension below, the State Board is required to to conduct a hearing in not less than10 days nor more than 30 days and recommend to the Governor whether to suspend all eligible members of the local board. I will monitor the State Board to make sure the law is followed.

Click here to read the entire SACS report.  Thanks to Maureen Downey of Get Schooled/AJC for providing the document on her blog.

Ok, Governor Deal, the ball is on your court.....


  1. That is a weak response from Millar in my opinion. I would have hoped for more leadership from him. Why no comment about requesting the governor to replace the board? Where does he stand on the formation of a Dunwoody school district - has he even indicated support for the notion? He should be leading the charge on this issue, introducing the legislation for a constitutional amendment, making the point that it is exactly these types of shenanigans that require that the constitution be changed in order to allow for local control!

  2. Read the papers...NO city of Dunwoody schools per the legislature.