Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chesnut Charter Elementary News
New Track and Robotics Competition

Chesnut Foundation to Build Track at School

Chesnut has won a $5000 grant from the GA Department of Public Health that will be used to build a walking/running crushed granite track in the lower field of the school. In addition, the new grant will provide new materials for our Farm-to-School school-wide nutrition lessons. This will be a wonderful addition for the Chesnut community.

Chesnut Robotics Team Brings Home Trophy

Chesnut's robotics team, the CougarBots, have brought home a trophy in their very first year in competition. Our team won the award for Best Presentation for their proposal to create marked walking paths around our neighborhood that could be used as a way to help seniors be more comfortable while getting good exercise. (This idea has even been presented to the City of Dunwoody for consideration.)

The team narrowly missed advancing to the next round of competition due to a last-minute robot malfunction, but they earned excellent experience and showed wonderful team spirit during some challenging times at the competition. The Chesnut community can be very proud of the CougarBots' results and experience.

We thank Mrs. Kara Grant, Mrs. Stacia Brown, and our Northside Hospital Partners-in-Education for helping to make the CougarBots' first year a success!


  1. Hooray -- in the new world of getting things done at your school, its parent volunteers finding grant money and thinking outside the box that rules the day. This track will stay at the school long after these parents are gone, and all kids will be able to enjoy it, no matter what else is happening at DCSD.

  2. Chesnut is doing some AMAZING things! And I'm not a Chesnut parent. The rest of the cluster should take a look at what they've been able to accomplish this year. Congrats to Chesnut!

  3. Honestly, a ton of the credit for the good things going on at our school goes to our amazing principal Ms. Williams. She is so supportive of the kids -- as well as being supportive of the parents' efforts at school. We are really lucky to have her!