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Dunwoody, GA, January 25, 2013 -- Chesnut Charter Elementary School has announced that Terry Huitt-Green, a kindergarten teacher with the school, has been named “Teacher of the Year” for 2012-2013. 
Currently in her fifth year teaching at Chesnut Charter Elementary, Ms. Huitt-Green previously taught kindergarten in the Gaston County, North Carolina School System for 12 years. This is her third time receiving the “Teacher of the Year” award, having earned the distinction in Gaston County in both 2005 and 2006. 
Ms. Huitt-Green said, “After working in the corporate world for five years, I realized that my true calling in life was to educate, influence and commit myself to our youth. It is my belief that children need to be taught on their levels of learning. While all children do not learn the same way, they are all able to learn and achieve great success.”
In addition to her classroom teaching, Ms. Huitt-Green is the director of Chesnut’s After School Extended Day Program, which has helped to pay for ActivBoards (Promethean) in classrooms, has assisted in making it possible for Chesnut teachers to attend off-site professional development classes, and has funded supplemental materials for the school’s teachers and students. Ms. Huitt-Green is also the director of Chesnut’s “Cruising Cougars Summer Camp.” 
Ms. Huitt-Green earned her Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from Belmont Abbey College and her Masters in Education from birth up to middle school from Phoenix University. Married to Mr. Jermaine Green, Ms. Huitt-Green resides in Ellenwood, Georgia.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dunwoody High School Math Team

Mandelbrot Mathematics Competition Update

We have results from Round 3 of the Mandelbrot Mathematics Competition:

In Round 3, senior Giang Ha was our leading scorer, with strong supporting performances from Will Koval, Thomas Dellaert, David Heavern, Matthew Rather, Mallory Harris, Sara Srivastav and Erik Van Winkle.

After three rounds, DHS is ranked 13th in the Southeast Region (includes Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Mssissippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas,), and our 2nd team is ranked 23rd. 

Individually, Will Koval is on the overall Leader Board in 28th place.

Additionally, Parker Hollander, Andrew Weatherly, Giang Ha, David Heavern and Thomas Dellaert are ranked in the top 100, and in the top 150, we have John Riordan, Penny Kahn, Craig Sturken, and Erik Van Winkle.

Two more rounds to go! Go Wildcats!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Peachtree Charter Middle School Academic Quiz Bowl Team

Advances to State Competition!!!

Congratulations to the PCMS Academic Quiz Bowl team for their outstanding win at Regional! They are the first team to advance to the state level competition in PCMS History! Good Luck to Patrick Clinch, Ryan Wirtz, Katrina Balga, Nate Lee, Ruzan Daruwella, Alex Eldridge and Jacob Starks as they compete on Saturday, January 26, in Milledgeville, Georgia! 

Awesome job Patriots!!

Georgia Charter Schools Annual Report

2011 -2012 School Year

The Georgia Department of Education has released their Charter Schools Annual Report. This report covers the 2011-2012 school year and includes data from all forms of Charter Schools, conversion and stand-alone.

Click here to read the report.

Items of interest about charter schools in the Dunwoody cluster which are all conversion schools under the direction of the DeKalb County School System.

Data as shown on Figure 24, Page 15 of the report.

Chesnut Charter ES had 298 Lottery Participants, with a waiting list of 276; Up from 64 participants for 2010-2011 Lottery.
Peachtree Charter MS had 359 Lottery Participants with a waiting list of 359; Up from  260 participants for 2010-2011 Lottery. 
No data reported for Kingsley Charter ES for 2011-2012; Kingsley reported 100 Lottery Participants for the 2010-2011 school year.

The individual Dunwoody cluster reports for the 2011-2012 school year can be found:

Chesnut Charter -  Page 80 of the .pdf documment
Kingsley Charter ES - Page 176 of the .pdf document, Page 180 hardcopy report
Peachtree Charter MS - Page 242 of the .pdf document; Page 246 hardcopy report

Friday, January 18, 2013

Dunwoody Mayor Davis Visits Dunwoody High Pep Rally

Congratulates Girls' Cross Country Team 

On State Championship

Nice to see our City officials visit and support our schools!!!

The Cross Country Team was also honored prior to Monday's Board of Education Meeting...
Photo courtesy of  "City of Dunwoody"

Thursday, January 17, 2013

DeKalb School Board Gets a Reprieve

GABOE Hearing Continues on February 21 @ 1:00 p.m.

Click here to read the Consent Decree between GABOE and DCSS BOE suspending today's (1/17) hearing until 2/21.  The GA BOE rejected the Consent Order that had been agreed upon by the DCSS BOE, DCSS, counsel for the GABOE and submitted at today's hearing.

AJC Article:  DeKalb Board Members Defend Themselves...

Can this BOE make Significant Progress In 30 Days?  History Tells Us No. 

A good article from The Peach Pundit...

DeKalb Schools -Time To Pull The Band-Aid
January 17, 2013 8:54 am
by Mike Hassinger · 11 comments

There are two ways to remove a band-aid; you can pull it off slowly, bit by tortuous bit, which prolongs the agony, or you can yank it off with one sudden pull, which may hurt a bit more, but only for a second. DeKalb County Schools is in desperate need of a leader with the courage to yank a band-aid, and fast. The State Board of Education will hold a hearing on the DeKalb School Board today, and afterwards make a recommendation to the Governor about what to do next with the 9 clowns in one small car that is the DeKalb County Board of Education. Pay close attention to this meeting and the subsequent actions by the State BOE and the Governor, because what’s at stake it’s not just DeKalb County’s future, or the future of ~100,000 DeKalb school kids. What’s at stake is Georgia’s ability to deal with systemic problems in its educational system, and a real measure of Governor Deal’s leadership.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dunwoody High School County Swim Team

Congratulations go out to the following Dunwoody High swim/dive team members who were selected to the Dunwoody HS County Swim Team. The DeKalb County Schools Dive Finals and the 500 Free prelims will be held Thursday,  January 24th the Chamblee High Pool beginning at 5:00 p.m. The swimming portion of the County Meet will be held Saturday, January 26th, 2:oo p.m. at the Dynamo Swim Club in Chamblee.

Click here for an article about the DHS Swim Team in this week's "The Dunwoody Crier."

Good luck Wet Wildcats!!! 

Tanner Elliot (Diving)Rebecca Briggs (Diving)
Ryan Gaines (Diving)Ashley Daughtery
Noah GoldsteinAnne Farrell
John HicksJennifer Kiser
Paul JoyceMarie Lee
Ryan McGannonCaroline Luehring
Alex SchlosserRebecca Passow
Jonny SlimmingHaley Pierce
Zachary SzemborskiNara Pyne
Chat ThompsonShawn Pyne
Connor WheelerElizabeth Thames
Chaz WildnerEmma Wulff
Justin WulffJessica Wurst

Abby Yates (Swim & Dive)
Owen FirebaughGrace Hudson
Will SheinerCaroline Kish
Josh SmithCaroline Melton

Information will also be added to the Summer Camp tab at the top of the blog.

Session 1: Monday, June 10 – Wednesday, June 12
Session 2: Monday, July 15 – Wednesday, July 17
Hours for both sessions are 8:30am - 3:00pm.

CDC Junior Disease Detective Camp is an educational program first piloted by CDC′s David J. Sencer CDC Museum in 2012 to fill the gap in informal public health education for middle school students. The camp is open to upcoming seventh and eighth grade students and is held at CDC′s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

The CDC Junior Disease Detective Camp curriculum is based on contextual and cognitive apprenticeship learning theories. By learning through hands–on activities and interactive presentations, participants completing the camp will be able to:
  • Identify five public health careers
  • Compare and contrast infectious diseases vs. chronic diseases
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic epidemiologic terms
  • Calculate basic epidemiologic rates given an outbreak scenario and data
  • Understand the role of laboratory work in public health infectious disease surveillance
  • Identify three current event issues related to public health
 Over the course of three days, campers will take on the roles of disease detectives to learn about the world of public health. Teams will probe a disease outbreak using epidemiologic and laboratory skills and will document their findings. Activities may include short presentations by CDC Museum staff, a mock outbreak investigation, a modified lab experience, and a look behind the scenes of CDC.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.
Click here for Application.

**Reminder:  Tonight***

DeKalb County School Organization Community Meeting

Dunwoody High School

Wednesday, January 16 @ 6:30 pm


Every five years, school districts across the state submit a list of schools to participate in the state capital outlay program. The DeKalb County School District is completing an application for funding that requires a list of its schools and shows that the DeKalb County "Proposed School Organization" meets the state requirements. It is not a redistricting plan.

In January, DCSD planning staff will revise its briefing to focus the community's understanding on DeKalb's list of schools and minimize any discussion of boundary changes. This list of schools will incorporate the new schools added under the SPLOST IV capital program.

The staff briefing in January will clarify that a list of schools is all that is needed to begin the state application process. The list of schools does not require any information about boundary lines. Consequently, the proposed school organization is not a redistricting plan but a list of school facilities the district expects to operate in the out years. This list is used to determine the state's award for capital project funding.

The meeting with the DCSD on January 16 will discuss this application process and the school district's submission. Please plan to attend.
  • Sign up to speak at 6:00 PM
  • 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM meeting
  • Staff presentation, 30 min.
  • Up to 30 speakers, 2 min. each
  • Written comments taken 
If you cannot attend the meeting comments made be made via email to until Jan. 16, 2013:

A couple of pertinent documents:

(note:  the problems with typos and ‘0’ enrollment with schools such as Vanderlyn has been corrected).

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dunwoody Extreme Sports Club at Dunwoody Elementary

Invites Community to Maggie Valley Ski Trip

The Dunwoody Extreme Sports Club at Dunwoody Elementary would like to invite the Dunwoody Community on our 9th ski and snowboard trip. Join us Saturday, January 25th at Chattahoochee Ski Area in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. Daily per person rates are $50 lift ticket only, $60 ticket lift/ski rental, or $70 lift ticket/snowboard rental. Multiple day passes are available. We will also be hosting local dry slope practice sessions on MLK weekend. This is a great opportunity for novice participants to learn the basics or for mom and dad to get their “ski legs” back.

Please contact Trey White of Southern School of Snow Sports (SSSS) for registration details and sign-up information.

See you on the slopes!

Trey White:
Jenn Mattison:

Monday, January 7, 2013

DeKalb Board of Education Meeting
Monday, January 7th - Agenda
**Updated with new School Organization Link**

The agenda for Monday's Board Meeting is posted.  Click here for the link to the agenda.

Click here for the new 2016-2017 School Organization Document.  It appears the estimated capacity numbers have been removed. 

Click here for the document with the Current and Projected Enrollment/Capacity data.

Item #16 is the "First Read" of the 2016-2017 School Organization.  Embedded is a PDF document outlining the "organization".  It appears that the district did nothing more than pull out the list contained within the Dec. 6th document.  I shall refrain from further conversation on why capacity is being added to schools that are showing 68% and 75% capacity in 2016. 

And why are there 7 schools, including Vanderlyn ES, that are showing 0 enrollment for 2016.  (I missed this...thanks to Anonymous for posting this).   How embarassing!! 

Item #11 indicates that Kingsley Charter will be receiving a new sports court courtesy of the Kingsley Charter Elementary School Foundation!! 

Oh, yeah, and really the best news,  the new Board Members will be sworn in on Monday. (yes, it is sarcasm)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

"The Grinch" visits Kingsley Charter Elementary

A little levity among all of this serious BOE/SACS talk...This is too cute.  Photo courtesy of Dunwoody Police Dept.

During the extra details at the schools last week, Officers Nelson and Drum were able to have some quality interaction with some of the students. They may have even provided a little more protection from a smaller green fellow seen lurking around the school...

My Letter to the State Board of Education

I am not “A mom with a calculator”, though I’m glad Nancy Jester is.  Nor am I a scribe good with words.  I am just “a determined Mom”.   Determined to see a brand new DeKalb County Schools Board of Education; a board where the members have the talent and desire to try and turnaround this once-proud school system - the WHOLE school system, not just their own district.  

My one angst in all of this, if the decision by the State BOE and Governor Deal is the suspension of the current BOE, is that Nancy Jester will be caught up as collateral damage.  I admire Nancy for her insistence and persistence with regards to the budget issues and am grateful for her actions on behalf of the students of DCSS.

To borrow from a portion of the newest Parents for DeKalb Schools newsletter, we can all play a part in what, hopefully, will be a new chapter in DeKalb Schools, by writing to the State BOE members. 

Click here to read the last newsletter with instructions on how to contact the State Board of Education. 

If anyone is interested, here is a link to my letter to the State Board of Education.  Click here.