Wednesday, January 16, 2013

**Reminder:  Tonight***

DeKalb County School Organization Community Meeting

Dunwoody High School

Wednesday, January 16 @ 6:30 pm


Every five years, school districts across the state submit a list of schools to participate in the state capital outlay program. The DeKalb County School District is completing an application for funding that requires a list of its schools and shows that the DeKalb County "Proposed School Organization" meets the state requirements. It is not a redistricting plan.

In January, DCSD planning staff will revise its briefing to focus the community's understanding on DeKalb's list of schools and minimize any discussion of boundary changes. This list of schools will incorporate the new schools added under the SPLOST IV capital program.

The staff briefing in January will clarify that a list of schools is all that is needed to begin the state application process. The list of schools does not require any information about boundary lines. Consequently, the proposed school organization is not a redistricting plan but a list of school facilities the district expects to operate in the out years. This list is used to determine the state's award for capital project funding.

The meeting with the DCSD on January 16 will discuss this application process and the school district's submission. Please plan to attend.
  • Sign up to speak at 6:00 PM
  • 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM meeting
  • Staff presentation, 30 min.
  • Up to 30 speakers, 2 min. each
  • Written comments taken 
If you cannot attend the meeting comments made be made via email to until Jan. 16, 2013:

A couple of pertinent documents:

(note:  the problems with typos and ‘0’ enrollment with schools such as Vanderlyn has been corrected).


  1. I was unable to attend...Dunwoody Mom, could you offer a recap?


  2. I did attend the meeting. I was fairly short - around an hour. As expected, no real drama as this meeting was not a redistricting discussion. I didn't take notes, so I am going from memory.

    The first item on the agenda was just going through the document that was referenced in the blog post. Then public comments.

    -There was one parent from Evansdale on their possible redistricting.

    -Kittredge parent with concerns about moving KMS students to a facility in the central part of DeKalb during the Austin construction. Asking for a facility in Region 1 since most KMS students are from N. Dekalb.

    -DES parents asking that the school district follow their own rules when redistricting.

    -Speaker requesting that the district come up with some consistent way of determining capacity. Example: PCMS was listed as over-capacity, but then suddenly one day school had 5 seats available, but there are 4 trailers on the property.

    -Speaker requesting district to demolish schools such as old Chamblee Middle School and other facilities that have been deemed uninhabitable.

    -DES was advertised as a 900 student school and then reconfigured for 1100. School, specifically cafeteria, media center and gym, was not built to safely handle 1100 students.

    There were other comments, which I am sure I will remember later and will update.