Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Letter to the State Board of Education

I am not “A mom with a calculator”, though I’m glad Nancy Jester is.  Nor am I a scribe good with words.  I am just “a determined Mom”.   Determined to see a brand new DeKalb County Schools Board of Education; a board where the members have the talent and desire to try and turnaround this once-proud school system - the WHOLE school system, not just their own district.  

My one angst in all of this, if the decision by the State BOE and Governor Deal is the suspension of the current BOE, is that Nancy Jester will be caught up as collateral damage.  I admire Nancy for her insistence and persistence with regards to the budget issues and am grateful for her actions on behalf of the students of DCSS.

To borrow from a portion of the newest Parents for DeKalb Schools newsletter, we can all play a part in what, hopefully, will be a new chapter in DeKalb Schools, by writing to the State BOE members. 

Click here to read the last newsletter with instructions on how to contact the State Board of Education. 

If anyone is interested, here is a link to my letter to the State Board of Education.  Click here. 

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