Thursday, January 17, 2013

DeKalb School Board Gets a Reprieve

GABOE Hearing Continues on February 21 @ 1:00 p.m.

Click here to read the Consent Decree between GABOE and DCSS BOE suspending today's (1/17) hearing until 2/21.  The GA BOE rejected the Consent Order that had been agreed upon by the DCSS BOE, DCSS, counsel for the GABOE and submitted at today's hearing.

AJC Article:  DeKalb Board Members Defend Themselves...

Can this BOE make Significant Progress In 30 Days?  History Tells Us No. 

A good article from The Peach Pundit...

DeKalb Schools -Time To Pull The Band-Aid
January 17, 2013 8:54 am
by Mike Hassinger · 11 comments

There are two ways to remove a band-aid; you can pull it off slowly, bit by tortuous bit, which prolongs the agony, or you can yank it off with one sudden pull, which may hurt a bit more, but only for a second. DeKalb County Schools is in desperate need of a leader with the courage to yank a band-aid, and fast. The State Board of Education will hold a hearing on the DeKalb School Board today, and afterwards make a recommendation to the Governor about what to do next with the 9 clowns in one small car that is the DeKalb County Board of Education. Pay close attention to this meeting and the subsequent actions by the State BOE and the Governor, because what’s at stake it’s not just DeKalb County’s future, or the future of ~100,000 DeKalb school kids. What’s at stake is Georgia’s ability to deal with systemic problems in its educational system, and a real measure of Governor Deal’s leadership.

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  1. was it me or did the link not work?

  2. It is unconscionable that the State BOE has given the DeKalb BOE another thirty days. To do what exactly? More insipid and false testimony is sure to follow. The clock is ticking. It is immaterial whether or not we think that AdvancED is the be all and end all. It is the agency that the state has chosen to accredit our schools. DeKalb County School System is on probation, and if things continue as they are, the school will lose accreditation in 11 months.

    After many hours of listening to mind-numbing platitudes issued by the county BOE, one would think that not one of them was guilty of the behaviors enumerated by the AdvancED report. Each and every one of them denied unprofessional behavior, and each professed how he or she is in it for the children of our county.

    I would submit that the items in the AdvancED report are only the tip of the iceberg with what is wrong with DCSS. Why just today it was reported in the AJC that our esteemed superintendent has pronounced that a proven plagiarist will not lose his $117K/year job. Still, no one knows where $12 million went that was supposed to buy textbooks. Redistricting plans are an absolute mess….need I go on?

    I left the meeting disgusted and disheartened. DCSS is FAILING, and like Nero and the DeKalb Board, the state BOE is fiddling while DCSS burns.

  3. Don't worry about the textbooks, Gene Walker is going to be in warehouses looking for them for the the next 30 days!

  4. I was very disappointed watching the hearing yesterday. The Board members that will be prepared next time are the same ones that were prepared yesterday. It's time to get the old wood out and make a fresh start. I was happy to hear that current board members (read Nancy) can petition the governor to re-gain her seat...if she wants to.
    The last comment cracks me up. Gene Walker basically said it's not his job to find them - he followed the paper trail. whoopee.
    Very disappointed but hopeful they will make the hard choices in the end. Thankful that we have a state BOE that seems to act professionally!

  5. Bob, hopefully you got in. Your comment got stuck in the spam folder, I'm not sure why??

    I am curious as to the format of the next hearing. Will it follow the same format in that all 9 BOE members will speak with followup Q&A from State BOE members or will it just be a update by the legal folks?