Monday, February 11, 2013

Rep. Tom Taylor To Introduce Bill to Create Separate Dunwoody School System

Step #1 to separate our schools from DCSS begins.  This may be the hardest and longest "battle", but it is one that must be fought. While the battle for a City of Dunwoody school system begins and continues for what may be years, we must have other options with which to remove our schools from the management of the DeKalb BOE and School System.   We cannot afford to wait on this legislation, we must take action now - the education of our children and the health of our City are at stake, I believe.  Perhaps we can utlize the Charter Amendment?  Research to follow.  I am not sure about the Parent Trigger bill making its way through the GA House, as there does not seem to be any appeal process if the request is denied by the DeKalb BOE.  Again, more research is needed.

Posted by Joe Earle
Reporter Newspapers

Rep. Tom Taylor says he soon will introduce legislation to create a separate school system for the city of Dunwoody. His proposal will call for an amendment to the state Constitution, he said. The bill he plans to introduce would be voted on by state lawmakers in 2014 and, if approved, call for a public referendum on the amendment in the 2014 election.

“It’s a huge uphill battle,” Taylor said.

The Dunwoody Republican told members of the Dunwoody Homeowners Association during the group’s monthly meeting on Feb. 10 that amending the state Constitution is difficult. “The threshold is very high,” he said.

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