Friday, March 1, 2013

Dunwoody Cluster Elementary Schools Participate in

Georgia Walk to School Day

Wednesday, March 6th

As part of the Georgia Walk to School Day, each of Dunwoody's elementary schools will be hosting a walk/bike to school event Wednesday, March 6th. The schools are also competing for "The Golden Sneaker of Dunwoody" award, given to the school with the highest percentage of walkers. The winner will receive the “Dunwoody Golden Shoe Award” at that morning’s Dunwoody Chamblee Parent Council meeting. Also, the principals of the losing schools will have to wear the t-shirt of the winning school for the day!

Kingsley Charter Elementary School was last year’s winner of the “Dunwoody Golden Shoe Award”. Which elementary school will win the award this year?


  1. Austin Eagles take it this year!!!

  2. Great event for all the schools. Hoping it'll warm up a bit for this month's