Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dunwoody High School 1st Place

American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages

Video Contest

Thank you so much to the Dunwoody community for supporting our students in the ACTFL Video Contest!! Dunwoody students for the second year scored 1st in the Popular Contest for their video Languages and Jobs!! Check out the video at  
Please congratulate Emily C., Ellie C., Mariah F. and Amy L. for their outstanding achievement in promoting language education!!

Dunwoody World Languages students finished Discover Languages Month strong by writing to their congressmen and senators promoting the study of languages and sharing their learning experiences. Students wrote to President Obama, Senators Chambliss and Isaakson and Congressmen Tom Price and Hank Johnson. They were thrilled when they received letters from their elected officials.

Finally, students, as a part of Discover Languages Month, put the standard “Connections” to the test by tweeting connections that they made throughout the month in class and outside. At the end of the month students had created over 1000 tweets/connections on everything from the death of Hugo Chavez to the announcement of Pope Francis.

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