Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dunwoody High School

End of Course Test Results, Updated with Spring 2013 Results

Big Kudos to the 23 PCMS 8th Grade students who took Coordinate Algebra - they had a 100% Pass Rate!!!!
The Georgia Department of Education has released the Spring 2013 End of Course Test (EOCT) results. Below is a chart outlining the EOCT Results for Dunwoody High.  As has been reported, the EOCT results for Coordinate Algebra are disappointing all across the State of Georgia. 

Click here for access to all  Spring 2013 EOCT School and District Data.

***Coordinate Algebra is a new addition beginning with the 2012-2013 school year.


  1. Wow. Look at the Math I and GPS Alg passing rates in the county and state. This is surely indicative of Math curriculum that fails to instruct students the basics of Math. The jump in % passing at the state in Math II looks out of place to me.

  2. As I recall, Math I students in the fall are mostly students having to repeat Math I, a far weaker group to begin with. Dunwoody Mom--am I remembering correctly? Math I is in the 2nd semester freshman year? And then Math II in the 1st semester second year? Or something like that?

    The block system skews the test scores in mathematics, at least. Don't know about the other subjects.

  3. Anonymous @ 9:25, that is how I "remember" as well.

    And, well, don't get me started on the block system.

  4. Coordinate Math is the new Common Core Name for Math 1. It stands to reason all of the accelerated and advanced students took that class hence the higher numbers. Dekalb's numbers are dismal, but Dunwoodys seem pretty good considering the learning needs diversity in our school

  5. Ugh...55% of DHS algebra students DID NOT MEET STANDARDS in the first year of mathematics...I think it is worth comparing this passing/failing rate vs. other schools in DeKalb NOT on the block as well as other schools throughout the state not on the block (Chamblee, Walton, Lakeside, North Springs, etc).

    I'd also like to add...Coordinate Algebra vs. GPS Algebra vs. Math II vs. GPS Geometry...I have no students in the high school, but I'm confused as to who takes what courses in which years.

  6. Anonymous @3:14 - the pass rate for the Coordinated Algebra EOCT for DHS in the 1st Semester was 84%. The pass rate of 45% in the 2nd Semester was, sadly, the highest pass rate of all the DCSS high schools. CHS had a pass rate of 43.6%, Lakeside a pass rate of 32.9% and North Springs 28.1%. As much as I dislike the 4x4 Block Schedule, Idon't think this can be blamed on Block vs Tradition Schedule.

    This is the first year for Coordinate Algebra - it is part of the Common Core curriculum. The GPS and Math II are the "old" Math tracks that are being phased out as Common Core is introduced.