Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dunwoody High School Math Team News

Results from Moody's "M3" Mega Math Challenge

We have some exciting news to report from the Moody's "M3" Mega Math Challenge! Two teams of DHS students participated in this year's contest, a senior team of Will Koval, David Heavern, Jamie Traner, Erik Van Winkle, and Andrew Weatherly, and also a junior team of Jeanne Davis, Thomas Dellaert, Mallory Harris, Mary Elizabeth Lee, and Jacky Zhu.

The contest involves tackling an open-ended problem in applied mathematics on a weekend day in March. Teams have a 14-hour time window in which to download the problem and submit a solution in the form of a researched proposal. Both of our teams wrote high quality papers around 20 pages long that quantified parameters, created one or more mathematical models, evaluated potential solutions and proposed an optimal solution. This year's problem focused on creating national guidelines for recycling and making recommendations for local areas to optimize their recycling methods. 

Our junior team's paper was chosen to move to the next round of judging!  Of more than 1,200 teams from around the country, only 175 were chosen to move to the 2nd round. 

The junior team is now under consideration for prizes ranging from $1,000 to $20,000 and the top 6 teams are invited to New York City to present their papers to judges in person. Results of the next round are scheduled to be released on April 8th.    

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