Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dunwoody Cluster Schools

CCRPI Report Cards

The Georgia Department of Education has released their new “report card” – the College and Career Readiness Performance Index.

A school and district’s overall score is made up of three major areas: Achievement (70 points possible), Progress (15 points possible) and Achievement Gap (15 points possible). In addition to the three major areas, some schools receive “Challenge Points” to add to their score (up to 10 points). They receive these points if they have a significant number of Economically Disadvantaged students, English Learner students and Students with Disabilities meeting expectations. They also receive points for going beyond the targets of the CCRPI by challenging students to exceed expectations and participate in college and career readiness programs. Beginning in 2013-2014, schools will also receive ratings based on their financial efficiency and school climate, but these ratings will be for the public’s information only and will not factor into the school’s overall CCRPI score.

Click here to view the State DOE’s CCRPI Website. You can view each school’s report card online via a drop-down menu.

The reports reflect data for the 2011-2012 school year.

School Name
Austin Elementary
Chesnut Charter Elementary
Dunwoody Elementary
Hightower Elementary
Kingsley Charter Elementary
Vanderlyn Elementary
Peachtree Charter Middle School
Dunwoody High School


  1. With the exception of DSA, I believe that Dunwoody High's score is highest in DeKalb! The scores are also higher than Riverwood, North Springs and Norcross. While certainly room for improvement, it is a good start. Peachtree appears to be passed by Chamblee Middle, but the magnet program probably makes that a less than clean comparison.

  2. Note that DSA is assessed as a middle school.

  3. DSA is assessed as both middle and high.

  4. The Elementary and Middle School scores are about where I thought they would be. As someone posted earlier, we cannot really compare Chamblee Middle and Peachtree Middle due to the magnet component at Chamblee Middle.

    I was surprised by the Chamblee and Lakeside data. I would have thought Chamblee's scores would be higher due to their magnet component, maybe somehere closer to DSA scores. Also, surprised at Lakeside's score of 73.6, which appeared to have been affected by their low graduation rate.

  5. Druid Hill's score is even lower than Lakesides. I think they have a low graduation rate as well.

  6. I don't believe any DCSS schools grad rates are where we would like them to be. When the grad data was released I remember John Barge saying that some of the disappointing graduation data could be related to issues with schools/school districts not tracking students properly.

  7. I hope everyone looking at scores will take some time and really look into them. There is a ton of information on the state DOE website that breaks down what overall scores actually mean for specific schools. Comparing the scores, IMHO, is a waste of time...but analyzing your own school's scores and all the subsets and pieces, while it may take a while, gives a wealth of information.