Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dunwoody Elementary School Participates in

First World-Wide Stem Day

ATLANTA (May 3, 2013) - TAG Education Collaborative (TAG-Ed), the Technology Association of Georgia’s charitable organization dedicated to preparing the next-generation workforce, celebrated the first Georgia STEM Day on May 3, 2013. Over 260,000 students and educators from across the state participated in innovative STEM-based learning activities.
“Georgia STEM Day is about raising awareness of the importance of STEM to our state,” said Chris Reinking, TAG-Ed board chair and partner and co- founder at Jabian Consulting.~“It is vital that students embrace STEM concepts at an early age in order to compete in Georgia’s future technology workforce. STEM Day is one way educators can introduce STEM in their classroom, ultimately providing a channel to encourage life-long
STEM learning.”
STEM Day participants ranged from individual classrooms to entire school districts. At Dunwoody Elementary School, Jenn Mattison, a fourth grade gifted teacher, planned a STEM project called “The Chicken Mummy” to compliment studies of ancient Egypt. Students worked to understand the Egyptian mummification process by salting, adding scents, and drying out Cornish game hens. As part of Georgia STEM Day, Mattison’s class
reprocessed the chickens and compared their weights. At the end of the unit in May, the students will bury their mummies. The goal is for next year’s fourth grade students to dig up the mummified hens as part of an archaeological excavation.
“I wanted to participate in the 2013 Georgia STEM Day because I believe that STEM is an opportunity for my students to take more responsibility of their own learning and increase rigor in my classroom. Students are able to predict, observe, and test their theories. STEM activities prepare students to become globally competitive,” Mattison said.


DES Teacher Jenn Mattison with DES 4th grade
students on STEM Day

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