Monday, May 6, 2013

Vanderlyn Teacher, Georgiana Hendrickson, Winner

"Teachers Make A Difference" Award

Congratulations to Mrs. Hendrickson! She is one of 5 Teachers who will be recognized this week with a $500 prize, plus $250 for their school and a catered lunch with “swag bags” for their schools.

From the entry on Georgia United Credit Union:

My favorite part of teaching is getting to know the unique personalities of each child in my class every year, and loving and nurturing their little souls. I also love their parents as much as I do them. The most important word in teacher is "each." It's absolutely amazing to me how they are all so special and different. I especially love kindergarten, because it is truly a garden of beautiful children all blooming at different times. Teaching and learning is so much fun at this young age. "

Vanderlyn Elementary School - Dunwoody, GA

I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a B.S. in Elementary Ed. I'm certified Pre-K through 8th. I also have my Gifted endorsement. I am certified in Kansas, Missouri, Maryland, New Jersey, and Georgia. I have taught Pre-K, K, lst, and 2nd grades for a total of 28 years. I've also taught 5 year olds in Private Pre-K's and was a Music teacher in a Private Pre-K.

Parent Molly Peled had this to say about Mrs. Hendrickson: "There aren't many teachers like Mrs. Hendrickson. She is the warmest, kindest, sweetest person I know. Mrs. Hendrickson teaches from the heart, she makes sure that every student of hers feels safe and loved. She not only teaches her students to read and write beautifully, she teaches them to be good human beings. She teaches them manners, she teaches them to care for one another, to care for their families and for the world they live in. She teaches them all of this through songs and games. I myself am a teacher. She by far is my role model and I thank God my son has her for a teacher. Thank you, Mrs. Hendrickson!!!!

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  1. Big congrats to Mrs. Hendrickson!!! My younger daughter was lucky enough to have her in kindergarten, and we still talk about this example of how this remarkable teacher absolutely never missed a teachable moment. My daughter came in late to school from an eye doctor appointment and Mrs. Hendrickson said immediately when she saw my daughter, "Children, line up. Her eyes are dilated! Let's all see what that looks like!" So, so many other things happened that year (like Hurricane Katrina, for instance) that Mrs. Hendrickson embraced and taught in a way that was life-changing.

  2. The Doolittle FamilyMay 8, 2013 at 8:57 AM

    She is a blessing for so many children (and parents). She enhances their experiences about life and the love for learning! Congratulations Ms. Hendrickson :)