Thursday, June 6, 2013

Atlanta Magazine Article:

And now from DeKalb, some non-news on schools

Ignore the rumors; teachers aren’t quitting the embattled system

I wish I had a laugh track to post.  In spite of the PR fluff of this article, it does appear as if Teachers are fleeing DeKalb Schools.  After Monday night's BOE meeting, the DCSS PATS Employment portal was flooded with newly posted teacher openings. Were Thurmond and Ward-Smith hiding the real truth from the BOE?  Looks that way to me.

A couple of quotes struck me as a play on words:

I think it would be good for the public to know the actual percentage of employees who are remaining in the district,” prompted interim superintendent Michael Thurmond.

"Yes, sir. Ninety-six percent of the employees who were offered contracts signed and returned them,” Ward-Smith said"  -This statement says 96% of the employees, not teachers - so which is it employees or teachers??  I would also like to ask Joyce Morley exactly how many teachers have return to DeKalb schools and who those teachers are.

This morning I took at look at the job openings in DeKalb Schools (and notice the date the jobs were posted).  Click here to go the PATS system.  I usually choose the "By Locations" tab on the right-hand side of the screen.  It was absolutely scary.  There are some schools with tremendous amount of teachers openings and Thurmond and Ms. Ward-Smith are crowing about their retention rate? 

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  1. I did a spot check of open PATS positions vs resignations reported from your earlier post and it does seem that they are hiring more teachers for our local schools than they had indicated were leaving. Dunwoody HS: they are hiring two more than are leaving. Vanderlyn: hiring four more than are leaving (for a total of 7 - wow!). Chesnut: 0 hiring, 0 leaving (weird).

  2. PATS now (since Tuesday) has an assistant principal opening posted for DHS. Anyone know what's up?

  3. I know the AP leaving is not Mr. McFerrin.

  4. Haha I understand almost 2 dozen teachers left Druid Hills and almost that many if not more left ARabia Mountain... what does that say???

  5. Dunwoody HS Assistant Principal Tamra Watts is now an Assistant Principal at Towers HS. The DCSS Staff Directory has been updated with this move.

  6. How do you link to that? And any idea who is replacing her?

  7. Below is the link to the DCSS Staff Directory. I was told Ms. Watts' replacement has been chosen, but I do not know the name.

    DCSS Staff Directory