Monday, July 29, 2013

New Blog For Our Community..focusing on the positive in Dunwoody - and there is a lot of positive to talk about!!
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Introducing Dunwoody High School's

New Basketball Coaches

Well, one is actually returning - Coach Angela Nash!

sent via DHS News from DHS Principal Noel Maloof:

After a long summer of interviews and coaching searches, we have hired two incredible coaches to work with our basketball program. I am happy to say that although both of the coaches had a very late start this summer, they are well on their way to building a strong program. We welcome Coach Angela Nash as our Girls Varsity Basketball Coach and veteran Math teacher. In addition we welcome Coach Kevin Dankosky as our Boys Varsity Basketball Coach and veteran Special Education teacher. Both of the coaches come with a wealth of knowledge and talent on the court and in the classroom. They will be a great addition to the Wildcat staff. Below you will find a short bio on each coach.  
Angela Nash 
Angela Nash has been an educator and basketball coach for 25 years. She is the proud mother of Kristin Nash, a former Dunwoody Wildcat who now attends Shorter University and is a member of the women's basketball team. Coach Nash is a bona fide Wildcat, as she has worked and coached for Dunwoody High School for 15 years. Following a brief experience in the county in other areas, she has returned home. It was at Dunwoody High School Coach Nash earned over 200 wins, 8 trips to the state play-offs, two region championships, two runner up championships, two sweet-sixteen playoff berths and an elite 8 appearance. Coach Nash is a mathematics instructor and her philosophy about working with athletes is that they are students first and athletes second; getting it done on and off the court, true Wildcat style. She is excited to be home.   
Kevin Dankosky
Coach Kevin Dankosky has been coaching high school basketball in Atlanta for over twenty years. Prior to coming to Dunwoody, he managed the rebuilding of the South Forsyth Basketball program and helped turn Milton into a perennial State Finalist and national power. Coach "D" also spent several seasons as Ron Bell's assistant at Marist including a State Championship in 2000. Over his career, Coach Dankosky has coached over 50 players who have gone on to play in college and/or professionally.
In addition to coaching, his basketball background includes scouting for the Lakers which led to him being a finalist for an assistant coach position under Pat Riley with the New York Knicks at just 21 years old. 
Outside of coaching, Coach Dankosky has been very successful in the business and broadcasting world including twenty plus years at WSB radio where he served as a sports reporter, talk show host and managed the Clark Howard show. For many years he was a columnist for SCORE ATL and even had a real acting role in the movie "Remember the Titans".  
In the classroom, Coach Dankosky has been teaching Special Ed for the past five years. Last year at South Forsyth he was runner up for Teacher of the Year and was appointed the school's Spirit Director. 
"I've done my job if my players, parents and coaches always smile when they look back at the time they spent in our program." "I want our players to dream big and then let us help them reach those dreams." "Nothing worthwhile is ever easy to get."

Monday, July 15, 2013


Nancy's News:  "Do City School Districts Perform Better?"

The cityhood movement is in full swing in DeKalb.  There’s plenty of news, discussion, controversy and conflict surrounding the topic.  I live in an already incorporated area.  I understand the motivation to form new cities.  But this post is not about the pros and cons of cityhood.  This post is about city school districts in Georgia.  Our last constitution, ratified in 1983 is Georgia’s 10th constitution and our nation’s youngest.  Article VIII of that constitution sets out the parameters for public education and its governance.  Section V, paragraph I of Article VIII, allows all existing school districts (county and city) to remain but prohibits any new independent (city) school systems from forming.  Georgia was left with 21 city districts, 159 county districts and no new districts allowed to form.  The motivation behind the prohibition on new districts was mostly economic in nature.  The result consolidated bureaucratic power and effectively eliminated competition in education for the next 30 years.  But was this prohibition a wise choice?  If we measure the implications in student achievement, the answer is no.

Click here to read the remainder of Nancy's article.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dunwoody High School

End of Course Test Results, Updated with Spring 2013 Results

Big Kudos to the 23 PCMS 8th Grade students who took Coordinate Algebra - they had a 100% Pass Rate!!!!
The Georgia Department of Education has released the Spring 2013 End of Course Test (EOCT) results. Below is a chart outlining the EOCT Results for Dunwoody High.  As has been reported, the EOCT results for Coordinate Algebra are disappointing all across the State of Georgia. 

Click here for access to all  Spring 2013 EOCT School and District Data.

***Coordinate Algebra is a new addition beginning with the 2012-2013 school year.

Monday, July 8, 2013

New School Capacity Numbers

Has DCSS Lost Its Mind? 

DCSS is “adjusting” Capacity numbers – again – this seems to be a yearly exercise.  The figures below are from a document dated 4-26-13.  Click here to view that document.

In whose world can Chesnut Charter Elementary hold 570 students? 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Austin Elementary School

Will Be Built On Current Site

**Updated 7-1-13***

Per "The Dunwoody Crier", the new Austin ES WILL be built on its current site.  Click here to read the article.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Review of DeKalb Board of Education Meeting 7-1-13

Click here to review Stan Jester's review of the 7-1-13 DeKalb Board of Education Meeting.

Also, as part of the BOE meeting there was a presentation by Louis Erste of the GA Department of Education regarding Charter Schools/Systems.  Please view the video, along with the Power Point Presentation, for some very good information.  As was stated by a comment left below, the State is looking at, and expecting, Charter petitions which allow much more autonomy for the those entities requesting charter status.  As we know in Dunwoody, our local conversion charters have operated at the "whim" of DCSS over the years, with little to no input on hiring, governance, etc.  The time may be now for our community to gain control via a Charter Cluster until such time as we can, as a city, form our own School District.

Thanks to Stan Jester for providing the video and the Power Point Presentation!

Click here to view the Power Point Presentation.

Click here to view the companion video. 

I'll add my own comment regarding the After-School Funds. Toward the end of the 6/26/13 BOE Called Meeting, DCSS CFO, Michael Bell made the comment that the school district would love to have that money if the BOE would allow.  Well, thankfully, the BOE did not allow and kudos to BOE Representative David Campbell for insisting Dr. Bell be clear about how these After-School funds are being appropriated.  In my opinion, Dr. Bell was being deliberately vague concerning these funds. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

DeKalb County Board of Education Approves

Dual Accreditation Option for High Schools

By a 7-2 vote, and despite the objection of Interim Superintendent Michael Thurmond, the DeKalb Board of Education has approved the Dual Accreditation option for DCSS High Schools. 

It will be interesting to see how the district reacts to this vote.   Stay tuned!!!

Many thanks to Dunwoody Councilman Terry Nall for all of his work on this issue!!