Saturday, July 6, 2013

Review of DeKalb Board of Education Meeting 7-1-13

Click here to review Stan Jester's review of the 7-1-13 DeKalb Board of Education Meeting.

Also, as part of the BOE meeting there was a presentation by Louis Erste of the GA Department of Education regarding Charter Schools/Systems.  Please view the video, along with the Power Point Presentation, for some very good information.  As was stated by a comment left below, the State is looking at, and expecting, Charter petitions which allow much more autonomy for the those entities requesting charter status.  As we know in Dunwoody, our local conversion charters have operated at the "whim" of DCSS over the years, with little to no input on hiring, governance, etc.  The time may be now for our community to gain control via a Charter Cluster until such time as we can, as a city, form our own School District.

Thanks to Stan Jester for providing the video and the Power Point Presentation!

Click here to view the Power Point Presentation.

Click here to view the companion video. 

I'll add my own comment regarding the After-School Funds. Toward the end of the 6/26/13 BOE Called Meeting, DCSS CFO, Michael Bell made the comment that the school district would love to have that money if the BOE would allow.  Well, thankfully, the BOE did not allow and kudos to BOE Representative David Campbell for insisting Dr. Bell be clear about how these After-School funds are being appropriated.  In my opinion, Dr. Bell was being deliberately vague concerning these funds. 


  1. The presentation on charter schools is very important. They are looking for conversion charter schools to have real autonomy about personnel, funding, and time. This is a big deal.

  2. You are so right. I will post the links to both the PPT and Video Presentations in the body of the blog post. Thanks to Stan Jester for providing both on his Factchecker Blog.

    Hopefully, all of the schools in the Dunwoody cluster will soon "get on board" with the Charter Cluster option. It might be our, i.e. Dunwoody's best hope of gaining local control until we can get the law changed to form our own school system.

  3. Please post the link for the complete Dekalb personnel moves through 6/30/13. Thanks.

  4. If you click on the tab "Dunwoody Schools Personnel Moves..." at the top of the blog, the list should appear. There were not many updates since last month's HR report. Here is the url:

  5. I watched Mr. Erste's presentation again. I am still unclear....if conversion charters such as Chesnut, Kingsley and PCMS submit charter renewals and those renewals do not contain the autonomy the State is looking for, could those schools have their charter's approved by DCSS but rejected by the State DOE? Also, the opposite could occur I would have to believe in that DCSS could reject a school's charter request/renewal and the State could grant it.