Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rep. Tom Taylor: City of Dunwoody School System
is Feasible

Rep. Tom Taylor: City of Dunwoody School System is Feasible
By Dick Williams For The Crier thecrier.net | 0 comments 
The completion of a feasibility study for an independent school district in Dunwoody comes to a startling conclusion: Based on the current millage rate of the DeKalb County school system and the contributions of Dunwoody to the tax base, an independent school district would operate at a surplus larger than the annual budget of the city of Dunwoody.
State Rep. Tom Taylor (R-Dunwoody) unveiled the broad outlines of the study Sunday for the board of the Dunwoody Homeowners’ Association but withheld actual numbers because the study hadn’t been presented to the city council, which along with the DHA helped pay for it (see his Op-Ed, page 6).
And this from the article:  Taylor also called out those in Dunwoody who are telling voters that a Dunwoody school board would be chosen by city council. “That’s a disingenuous lie,” he said. The state constitution requires an elected school board, he said, adding that the bill to implement a school system hasn’t yet been written.”
My comment: Really, people, just stop with the nonsense, please. The educational future of Dunwoody’s children is at stake – the DeKalb School System is broken and cannot be fixed.  Be adults and have an honest conversation.   
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From the Dunwoody Reporter article:

Study supports Dunwoody School System Idea
By Pat Fox
The campaign for a separate Dunwoody school system got a boost Sunday when State Rep. Tom Taylor released findings of a new study showing that local tax dollars could easily fund the enterprise.”
Taylor (R – Dunwoody) told a crowd of about 40 members of the Dunwoody Homeowners Association during its Oct. 6 meeting that, if taxes were left at the same rate, a local school system could operate with a surplus of cash, possibly more than $20 million.
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  1. I see in the article that our Rep has released "the findings of a new study". Has the study itself been released and if so can it be accessed online? I'd rather read the study than the findings.

  2. Rep. Taylor said on Sunday night that he is presenting the study itself to City Council before releasing specifics (I'd read that as the actual study), as they paid for it, or the majority of it, I can't remember. That sounds fair to me.

  3. I read that in the crier this afternoon. I suppose most questions (like who did the study, methodology, input parameters, requirements, restrictions, model assumptions) will be published at some point. The crier article was not very optimistic as some financials quoted seemed low. But then again there wasn't much context. Also seems a bit squishy that we're having meetings/discussions in the wrong order. Release the doc, then discuss the doc...

  4. As someone who was actually at the meeting, I am horrified (but sadly not surprised) that The Crier left out much of the very positive financial aspects. If I am recalling correctly, Taylor said that holding everything the same, like class size, mileage rate, etc, a city system would have a substantial surplus. I interpreted that to mean that we could make changes like reducing class size.

  5. Minutes from Sunday's DHA meeting are available on the website: