Friday, November 1, 2013

DeKalb Schools Enrollment Data - October 2013

One of the few data items that DCSD shares with the public is the enrollment data published by the DCSD Planning Department (Dan Drake, I presume) for the last few years.
Enrollment data as of 10/1/13 has been posted on the DCSD website.  One caveat, the information is based on eSIS data. Questions:  Were school rolls “cleaned up” prior to 10/1?  I know in mid-September there were still non-DCSD students on school rolls.  The state FTE data should be released in the next few weeks.   
I have reviewed the data and wrote up some thoughts, but well, who cares what I think.  You can review the data and come up with your own conclusions.  Click on the Report Name to view the data.
School Enrollment and Capacity Report.  This report summarizes enrollment and student capacity by school, by grade and also includes the number of portable classrooms at each school.  School capacity seems to change on whim, but you can find the latest school capacity report (the 3rd such modified capacity report in 3 years) was completed in April, 2013 and is found here.

School Population and School Enrollment Report.  This report summarizes the number of resident students and non-resident students at each school. 

Non-Resident Attendees.  For lack of a better term, I refer to this data as the “School Choice” report.  This information summarizes “out of attendance zone” students for each school.

Elementary School Non Resident Attendees Data.

Middle School Non Resident Attendees Data

High School Non Resident Attendees Data


  1. Random observations
    Wadsworth Magnet Elementary has 187 students. Five elementary schools, including Montclair ES, Woodward ES, and Cary Reynolds Es in Region 1, have more than 1000 students.

    This can't possibly be equity.

    I understand that Wadsworth Magnet School is supposed to be the "Kittredge" for South DeKalb but it doesn't seem like parents are choosing that option. I don't know how we can afford to pay a Principal and keep a building open for only 187 students.

  2. Except for magnet programs, I suspect that a lot of the out of area attendance at the elementary level are special education students. Not really school choice.

    Also looking at the numbers Dunwoody high will have trailers next year, only 4 years after the expansion. The current senior class is 335 students while the 8th grade class at PCMS is 478. I'm sure some will say "but they all won't go on the DHS", but consider that last years 8th grade class had 425, but the 9th grade class is 492 a gain of nearly 70.

    Looking further down the road, the totals for all elementary schools are K-750, 1st-730, 2nd-692, 3rd-707, 4th-600, 5th-570. So much for the "bubble" that was forecast when the planning for PCMS was done. I guess if the economy improves and the DCSS continues on course we'll lose enough students to private schools to avert chaos?

  3. A few quick thoughts before I go run my Sat. errands:

    1. It has been obvious for man years that the Cross Keys cluster and its feeder schools receive little to no recognition from DCSD. It's a tragedy, but, other than filing a Civil Rights suit, what can be done?
    2. Thanks for the reminder about special ed students. There are many more students enrolled in the various "theme" schools around DCSD than are in magnet programs. More on that later...