Friday, November 22, 2013

Dunwoody School Cluster FTE and Capacity Data


The FTE data pretty much mirrors the enrollment data released a few weeks ago by DCSD.

DCSD has also, again, re-calculated capacity.  The only real change for our cluster is Dunwoody Elementary where capacity is now below 1,000 at 973.  I am still puzzled at the 570 student capacity at Chesnut. 

Click here to view the updated Capacity Report by school.


  1. Kingsley actually has a bigger building than Chesnut. Strange.

  2. Vanderlyn's 576 capacity does not include their modulars, correct? Or did they not get the modulars back?

  3. Correct, the modular are not included in capacity calculation. Below is the link to the individual school profiles:

    School Capacity Detail

  4. Yes and here is the over/under for the Cross Keys Cluster. If you would like the SPLOST spending allocation comparison I would be more than happy to share that disparity as well.

    School October FTE Capacity Over/Under
    Cary Reynolds ES 750 1058 308
    Cross Keys HS 1169 1166 (3)
    Dresden ES 823 1051 228
    Montclair ES 763 1128 365
    Oakcliff ES 707 764 57
    Sequoyah MS 1158 1247 89
    Woodward ES 824 1012 188

    Total over/under 1232

  5. Chesnut has tried and TRIED to get the county to correct their capacity for our school, dating back to when the numbers were originally calculated 4 (?) yrs ago as a part of all those roundtables.... to no avail. It causes trouble each year at open enrollment period for School Choice, as it looks like the school should be able to accept many more than what's possible, not to mention that Chesnut comes out lower on lists of schools that need help due to facility issues - seems like we have more facility that we actually do.

  6. The most ridiculous part of this whole thing is that Chesnut's population at the time of redistricting, if I remember correctly, was around 540. And Chesnut was "OVERCROWDED." So DCSS moved Chesnut kids to DES and Kingsley…and now Kingsley is OVERCROWDED and Chesnut's capacity is mysteriously sufficient to accommodate the kids they originally had to move. The whole thing is ridiculous.

  7. I was a parent at Chesnut for 7 years and I find the current capacity numbers astoundingly laughable. Chesnut has the smallest square footage (52,081) of any in the cluster. The capacity of Chesnut (570) is equal to that of Vanderlyn (576), but yet Vanderlyn is over capacity by 200 students and Chesnut us under capacity by 137. How does that make any sense? Without a sound explanation from DCSD, this just appears to be more playing with the numbers by staff.

    Mr. Bates, I am aware, as are many others, of the enrollment and facility situation in the Cross Keys cluster. In my view it is shameful the lack of attention that the cluster receives from DCSD. This is one of the many reasons why I support HR 486. Should the City of Brookhaven be given the opportunity and chooses to do so, I believe the citizens of Brookhaven have the talent and desire to make sure their children are afforded the best possible education.