Friday, December 27, 2013

Dunwoody HS Class of 2013 Graduation Rate

The Georgia Department of Education has released the Graduation Rate Statistics for the Class of 2013.  The State DOE has also calculated a 5-year Graduation Rate for the class of 2012. If I am not mistaken the Federal DOE will allow the 5-year to be considered for Accountability purposes.  As we know there are students that do need more than the "standard" 4 years to complete graduation requirements.
Below is the data for Dunwoody HS categorized by federally defined sub-groups.  As a reminder, students can be categorized in more than one subgroup.
Click here to view Subgroup data for all schools.

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  1. If every child in the USA, including those of the wealthier classes, was made to go to a public school we'd have the best education system in the world within a decade. No vouchers for parochial or private schools.

    Just as if every time we have a war if we have a draft that even the wealthy children are susceptible to, we wouldn't be so apt to go to war.

    In this nation, the upper middle class and the wealthy have forgotten that we are all in this together.