Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dunwoody Citizens Answer The Call

As far as I am concerned I live in the best city (Dunwoody) surrounded by the best people (even when we disagree) with the best Law Enforcement.  The best of the human spirit happens every day and I am sad that it takes a crisis for those acts to be recognized.  Below are some examples of the amazing acts of individuals of all ages in our community.  I know there are many, many more examples of the kindness of our citizenry, but let's start with these:

Click on each link below:

ICE Saves The Day for Many

Heart Warming Stores From A City Iced Over

Also, a heart-warming story from the Kittredge Principal:

The Good Samaritan award goes to the Director of Chamblee Methodist Preschool Allison Spangler and her husband Jack for taking in the KMS principal, her kiddo and Mrs. Kennedy last night when we couldn't travel home. What a gracious family!

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