Friday, January 17, 2014

Dunwoody Elementary Introduces
Maria Rives-Reynolds as Teacher of the Year

Introducing Maria Rivas-Reynolds....
Teacher of the Year
Dunwoody Elementary School 2013-2014!!! 
 We are so proud of her!

Name:       Maria Rivas Reynolds
Position:  Health and Physical Education
Years of Experience:  13
  • Bachelor of Science….Furman University
  • Master of Education... Mercer University

"Make a difference not just in your classroom but in the ENTIRE SCHOOL and COMMUNITY."
Growing up in a family of educators, I learned early on that Teachers must constantly enhance the look and structure of their class. Never being intimidated as an instructor to partake in classes to learn innovative and interesting ideas for my students; allows my class to flourish with endless possibilities each school year. I feel that it is essential to not only educate but inspire all the different young minds at Dunwoody Elementary. Relying on the various types of learning modes, teachers can appeal to each child’s reading, thinking, and reasoning skills. Developing a well-rounded student starts with a balanced Health and Physical Education program. My vision is that by providing a variety of topics related to their physical, emotional, and social health students will have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of proper physical activity. Being a Special Area teacher gives me a chance to make a positive impact on EVERY CHILD.


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