Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dunwoody High School Math Team
Log 1 Math Competition Results

An update after round 1 of the Log 1 contest (an international math contest sponsored by Mu Alpha Theta, the math national honor society), the DHS math team is in 12th place in the eastern region, which includes high schools and some colleges in the 10 eastern seaboard states from Florida to Pennsylvania, as well as the Caribbean.  Among Georgia schools, we are behind only Rockdale, and we have a lead over Westminster, Wheeler, and others. 

In the individual part of the competition, senior Mallory Harris is tied for 14th place in the senior division, the highest level of competition that includes advanced college mathematics topics.

We should be getting results from round 2 soon, and then there is a final 3rd round near the end of February.

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