Friday, March 28, 2014

Congratulations to Dunwoody High School Students Chosen As Governor's Honors Program Finalists!
Updated With All DeKalb Student Selections

Another banner year for Dunwoody High School for Governors Honors! We had the most finalists in DeKalb, and only 9 schools in Georgia had more finalists--8 of them significantly larger than us (6A or moving to 6A next year) and the other a specialty school. 

Also, our second consecutive year in the top five schools in the state for math finalists.

Theses students are the 2014 GHP Finalists.  Thank you for all the hard work you put into the application/interview process. The Finalists for Dunwoody are:

Student NameSubject
Dunwoody HSCatriona Geddes Chemistry
Alexander Mason Chemistry
Caroline Kish German
Joseph Noto Mathematics
Ryan Polk Mathematics
Parul Rai Mathematics
Aaron Martin Mathematics (Alternate)
Kendall Lowrey Social Studies
Nathan Bryant Spanish
Ooha EdupugantiSpanish
Archish ChaturvediTechnology

Other DeKalb students selected are:
Student NameSubject
ChambleeAlexander Bragan Communicative Arts
Madeline Clowse German
Aomeng Cul German
Nuzhat KabirGerman
Deanna Lao German
Starr Sandoval German
Wesley Cheung Mathematics (Alternate)
Nina Quinn Music (Flute)
Cross KeysBradley Mensah Social Studies
DeKalb School of the ArtsAdam Robertson Communicative Arts
Nasreen Abd Elal Social Studies
Laura KellyTheatre Performance
Druid HillsNicole Mintz Chemistry (alternate)
Ayala Gopnik-McManusCommunicative Arts
Abishkar ChetriMathematics (Alternate)
Marilyn Miller Social Studies
Daniella Henry Social Studies
Joanna HoareSocial Studies
Daniel EthridgeSpanish
LakesideAneesa RupasinghaBiology
Sang-Chan KimMathematics
Yi LiMathematics
Simola NayakMathematics
Jonathan YaegerMathemetics/td>
Sri BhatSocial Studies
Alex BondarTechnology
Miller GroveJayla MoodySocial Studies
TuckerPhong LeMathematics (alternate)

Click here to view all finalists by Subject Area.


  1. This list has errors. In the list for Lakeside under Mathematics, it should be Simola Nayak. Also, student from Lakeside Columbus County has been listed here.

  2. My sincerest apologies. Thank you for the corrected information.

  3. WTG Dunwoody! Sending more than any other school in Dunwoody including the magnet schools!

  4. Oops - I mean more than any other school in Dekalb...

  5. I notice there are two students that are Math finalists, but tagged as Alternates.