Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dunwoody High School Math Team
Mandlebrot Mathematics Competition Results

Congratulations to the Dunwoody HS Math Team on its performance in the 2013-2014 Mandelbrot Mathematics Competition

The last round of this 5-month/5-round contest is done, and the final results are out. Dunwoody competes in the Southeast Region, which covers 9 states, from Arkansas to North Carolina and south to Florida. Dunwoody HS placed 14th in the region, with only two Georgia schools ahead of us Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology, and Norcross High School).  

Our top individual varsity players were:

    Mallory Harris (tied for 38th place; in the 1st tier of leaders)
    Mary Elizabeth Lee (tied for 48th place; in the 2nd tier)
    Thomas Dellaert (tied for 59th; in the 2nd tier) 
    Aaron Martin (tied for 88th place; in the 2nd tier)
    Max Noto and Zack Bloomberg (tied for 113th place; in the 3rd tier)

Rounding out our top varsity scorers were Jacky Zhu, Quinton Johnson, Jacob Tallon, Wilson Pu and Jon Heyliger.
Despite being a difficult contest intended for varsity players, many of our JV players bravely participated in the contest and performed very well, including Sarah Carter, Sophie Cuellar, Taylor Doolittle, Brian Hanks, Alex Hoang, Elise Holland, Idan Kirshenbaum, Katie Kish and Nate Lee. 

Our top JV performers were Parul Rai, Laura Koval, Matt Desoutter, Mary Anderson, Ryan Polk, and Athena Zhang.

We are especially proud of our players who scored 7 or better in an individual round:

    Mallory Harris (3 times, with a high of 11)
    Mary Elizabeth Lee (twice, with a high of 8)
    Thomas Dellaert (twice, with a high of 8)
    Max Noto (twice, with a high of 8)
    Athena Zhang (8)
    Laura Koval (8)
    Mary Anderson (7)

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