Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dunwoody High School Robotics Team
VEX Robotics Tournament State Champions!

All of our robotics students did a great job throughout the VEX Robotics  season.  While all four teams made it to the State Tournament only 1264B made it through to the playoffs.  

Throughout the season, Dunwoody has built some solid relationships with various teams throughout the state of Georgia.  We have really come a long way and are so grateful for the dedicated students and parents who actually made the competition look easier than it really is.  In total, Dunwoody teams have earned ten tournament Champions awards, three programming skills awards, two robot skills award and two design awards.  The competition across this state is VERY tough (80 teams made it to the finals, but only 21 teams advanced to Worlds), and 1264B was the top seed for the winning alliance that became the first Georgia State VEX Robotics Champions. 

Team members from 1264B have earned an invitation to the World Competition that is sure to be more competitive than in the past years as they have upped the requirements to attend.  The team members in attendance were Tejas Sardar, Derek Santistevan, Wilson Pu, Max Noto, Liam Eastham and the captain, Archish Caturvedi.  In addition, Liam and Archish were also selected as candidates for TSA State Officers for the 2014 - 2015 school year. 

Please congratulate our State Champions and wish our State Officer candidates the best to represent both Dunwoody and our state.

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  1. Congratulations to these outstanding students and their dedicated coach, Ms. Thomas! Good luck at the World Competition!