Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dunwoody High School Academic Team Makes Playoffs at National Championship

Congratulations to the Dunwoody High School Academic Team on its performance at the NAQT High School National Championship Tournament (HSNCT) held in Chicago May 30th to June 1st!  

In only its second appearance in the tournament, Dunwoody made the championship playoffs

The team finished 77th in the national championships, and tied for 3rd among Georgia teams in the tournament. 

Teams must qualify to compete at HSNCT.  This year the field included 272 teams, with 104 teams making the playoffs.  

In the first day of the tournament, teams must post a winning record in ten rounds in order to move on to the playoffs the next day.  The tournament uses a Swiss pairing system: when you win a round, you play a tougher opponent the next round; when you lose a round, you play a weaker team the next round.  Dunwoody started the first day 1-3, and faced the daunting task of winning 5 of its last 6 rounds or else being eliminated from the tournament.  Captain Thomas Dellaert provided consistently high scoring all day and led teammates senior Jacky Zhu, juniors Zack Bloomberg and Varsha Narendra, and sophomore Ryan Polk to put together a string of wins that propelled the team into the playoffs. 

Dunwoody was defeated in the championship playoffs by Canfield, Ohio's South Range High School, resulting in the team finishing the tournament in 77th place. Captain Dellaert was ranked 64th (5th best among Georgia players) in scoring out of a field that included nearly 1400 players.    

The team would like to thank everyone who supported us this year, especially those who helped us raise the funds for the trip to Chicago.

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