Monday, June 2, 2014

AJC: "Mondays with Mr. Collins"
A dedicated stranger and the game of chess help a troubled child turn his life around

Photo courtesy of Bob Andres, AJC

Many of you may have already read this article as John Heneghan posted on his blog yesterday, but I though I would re-post here.  Make sure you have a hankie when reading - it is so inspiring and touching. With all the negativity we see and hear today it is so wonderful to read the good and positive stories.   
Six-year-old Ashton Jordan watched the daddies, one after another, file into his classroom at Chestnut Charter Elementary School in Dunwoody. His classmates jumped up from their desks, and off they went, hand-in-hand with their fathers, to the cafeteria for a “Donuts for Dads” event.

Dressed in his school uniform of khaki pants and red short-sleeve shirt, Ashton stood alone. His dad lived in another state. Embarrassed, he bolted out of the classroom and into a bathroom, where he plopped down on the hard floor, pulled up his knees and cried. In the distance he could hear applause and laughter echoing inside the cafeteria as fathers and their sons and daughters joked around and nibbled on doughnut holes.

Click here to read the remainder of this amazing story.  

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