Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DeKalb Schools Superintendent Michael Thurmond's
State of the System Address
Dual Accreditation Update

Many thanks to Dunwoody City Council Member Terry Nall for providing a copy of Superintendent Michael Thurmond's "State of the District" address.

Click here to access the text to Superintendent Thurmond's address.

As part of the presentation, Mr. Thurmond provided an update on the Dual Accreditation process that Councilman Nall has championed for ALLof DeKalb high schools for several years.  Many thanks to Councilman Nall for his efforts in making sure this initiative was adopted by the Board of Education and implemented by DCSS!  

Councilman Nall:  "I'm especially pleased to see that the dual accreditation initiative through Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC) for all of our high schools is underway and proceeding according to plan laid out to the school board in May.  What new is we have specific dates in January for the GAC consultants team site visits to all of the county's high schools."

Page 6 of Thurmond's address lists these dual accreditation activity items (both completed and planned):

* September 11, 2014:  District meets with GAC consultant to discuss plans

* September 24, 2014:  District leaders meet regarding how to provide documentation to each high school for the accreditation process

* October-January:  District leaders assist individual high schools with compiling evidence of compliance

* January 26-28, 2015:  Site visits to the high schools by GAC consultants

* March 2015:  Accreditation is agenda item for GAC Board meeting in Macon

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