Tuesday, January 20, 2015

DeKalb County School System Just Cannot Quit with the Legal Fees

Remember that $750 fee DCSD instituted against teachers who left the district after being told they had to sign a contract in early April?  My guess is that the legal fees over this lawsuit will far outweigh the fees collected by teachers leaving after signing their contracts.  Click here to read the lawsuit.

From the lawsuit: 

"In spite of the Director of Educator Ethics at the PSC himself meeting with the Defendants personally to inform them the memo that Defendants sent out to all DCSD educators and the Plaintiffs was in error, Defendants continued to unconscionably and in bad faith violate the Standards of Ethics regarding "Honesty" by continuing to inform the Plaintiffs and each DCSD educator who resigned prior to June 1st that their resignations would be considered  "job abandonment" and "penalties" may apply."

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