Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Just another reason why we need HR 4, Independent School Districts Legislation to Pass
AJC:Foreign teachers face unequal working conditions
DeKalb County Schools Spends the Most on International Teachers

I certainly believe a City of Dunwoody School System would be able to attract qualified teachers without resorting to sketchy teacher recruitment firms such as the one highlighted in this AJC article. If these teachers are not employed by DCSS, can we, as parents, feel comfortable that our children are being taught by persons with non-suspect backgrounds?  There are way too many questions not being asked by DCSS or asked/answered of the recruitment company.

It's also very troubling that the Human Resources Administator for DCSS appears to know next to nothing about the recruiting and hiring process of this company.

"Ward-Smith said the district does not involve itself in the details of how the recruiting firms operate.“They provide training, lodging, moving expenses. Is that taken out of the salary that the district pays? I can’t say,” she said.

By Chris Joyner - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Chamblee High School science teacher Shaheen Begum is the kind of teacher you hope your child draws.

She has two decades of experience and was teacher of the year at her last school. Energetic and engaging, Begum wakes with a desire to instill a love of science in her students.

Although she teaches in the DeKalb County school system, she’s not a DeKalb County teacher. She has no pension, no tenure and if she wants to take a sick day, the cost of the substitute comes out of her pocket.

That’s because Begum is from India and was recruited to teach in DeKalb schools by Global Teachers Research and Resources, a Jonesboro company with a troubled labor history that is currently the target of a new federal investigation into alleged unfair labor practices.

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  1. “They save us because we don’t have to pay teacher’s retirement on them nor benefits,” she said. (Dr. Tekshia Ward-Smith, HR chief at DCSD.)

    It is sad when all our HR chief can say is that these teachers are cheaper and that's why we use them. Nothing about how it affects student achievement or other aspects of a school.

    If I was HR chief, or even just a principal, I would want some sort of analysis to look at how this affects student achievement. Maybe these teachers are just as effective as "domestic" teachers. Maybe not.

    But if we avoid doing any sort of comparison we will never have any inconvenient truth to deal with.