Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Decaturish: "DeKalb School Board member’s pay withheld amid fight over background checks"

Seriously, it seems every day there is something new and disturbing concerning the DeKalb County School System.  Can these central office types get any more petty and childish?

From Decaturish:

School Board Stan Jester believes that nothing in state law requires him to submit to a background check conducted by DeKalb County Schools.

Now he says the school system refuses to give him his paycheck and has refused to create a county email account for him. That means his constituents can’t contact him about School Board business using the official county email account, and he isn’t included on some emails that go to the other board members.

Decaturish asked DeKalb County Schools about this, and a spokesperson said a detailed statement would be forthcoming.

Jester believes the school system’s actions are retaliation for his refusal to comply with a background check requirement.

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