Friday, March 13, 2015

DCSS Georgia High School Writing Test - Fall 2014 Results

from the GA DOE website:

Students in the eleventh grade participate in the Georgia High School Writing Test and must pass the GHSWT to earn a regular education diploma. Students are asked to produce a response to one on-demand persuasive writing prompt. The writing test requires students to produce a composition of no more than two pages on an assigned topic. The two-hour test administration includes 100 minutes of student writing time. The test is administered three times a year so that students have multiple opportunities to take the test before the end of the twelfth grade. The main administration of the GHSWT takes place in the fall of the eleventh grade year. Results of the GHSWT are used to identify students who may need additional instruction in academic content and skills considered essential for a high school diploma. 

GHSWT Fall 2014: 11th Grade First-time GPS Test Takers with Standard Administrations by School

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