Monday, March 2, 2015

DeKalb County Superintendent Search Committee Liaison Group Nominations

"The group will be led by the DeKalb County Board Chair and Vice Chair, and will include 16 other individuals. In order to create a liaison group that best represents all facets of DeKalb County, each board member was asked to submit a list of preferred representatives from their district. This way, each of the 7 districts will be amply represented. Further, Board Members were asked to provide a list of 2-3 business/organization members that could fill the remaining, at-large seats, and a subset of those nominations are being asked to be part of the liaison group."

Click here for further information concerning the Community Engagement Liaison Group.

Below are the nominees for the DCSS Superintendent Search Community Liaison Group. 

2 observations:  
  1. Both of the District 1 Nominees appear to be Dunwoody High School parents; I would have hoped a Chamblee High School feeder school resident parent would be placed on this committee to represent both District 1 High School Clusters.  
  2. The nomination of John Evans is disturbing and embarassing. This individual is a convicted felon. If Mr. Evans "best represents all facets of DeKalb County", we are all in more serious trouble than we knew. Melvin Johnson could not find a more qualified individual within his district to serve on this committee?  

1 comment:

  1. I'm very surprised to see that Rick Callihan is on the committee. He was a very vocal and divisive blogger during the redistricting a few years ago here in Dunwoody. It is disappointing that our BOE representative (Stan Jester) identifies Rick Callihan as one of the most capable people from our area. I would like for the Dunwoody/Chamblee areas to have a person on the committee that would be a voice for ALL of our District.