Monday, March 16, 2015

So, DeKalb County Schools...What Are Your Plans for Retaining and Recruiting Quality Teachers? Gwinnett and Fulton Have Their Plans

Gwinnett County Schools plans on hiring 800 new Teachers:

Fulton County Schools has instituted a signing bonus program to attract new teachers:

DCSS what is YOUR plan? Or will DCSS continue to lose good, quality teachers to neighboring school systems and private schools?

Update:  Update from Stan Jester on DCSS 2014-2015 Employment Contracts.

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  1. This is really bad news. As I understand it, DCSD teachers get their contracts today and must return them next Monday. DCSD has not reported any retention incentives, so these incentives from Fulton and Gwinnett probably look mighty attractive to DCSD teachers. Sigh.