Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Parent Councils United: Q&A From DeKalb Superintendent's
"State of the District" Address

Many thanks to the members of Parent Councils United for taking notes during the Superintendent's "State of the District" Address.  I do not believe the answers will surprise many.  It's business as usual in DeKalb Schools.

You may leave any comments you may have on the Parent Council United's Facebook page.

Pertinent for the Dunwoody community, Question 15 on Block Scheduling (how many times has DHS requested a different scheduling model only to be rebuffed?) and 26 on the Austin re-build.

Also, number 29 re:  EOC testing and final exams. I believe this is an incorrect answer or I am misinterpreting the question.  Unless, the GADOE has changed their guidelines, the EOC is to serve as the final exam and serve as 20% of the student's final grade:

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