Friday, May 22, 2015

Let's Help Remodel a Classroom at Kingsley Charter Elementary School

Via Kingsley Charter Elementary School:

We are once again asking for your help to accomplish a wonderful project! Mr. Colanino is looking to to reach a financial goal to remodel a current fifth grade classroom from top to bottom! He's hoping to convert the classroom from a dilapidated, outdated classroom to a “Super Math Lab” featuring white board areas on all four walls for student use, a computer station with laptops or iPads, updated walls to display student work, show projects, and to create a room designed to make every child excited to learn math!
Through the “Super Math Lab, the teachers will be able to actively engage students in the learning process and promote student participation while supporting the Georgia Performance/Core Standards and prepare students for a technologically advanced world through the use of real world problem solving environments and applications. Mr. Colanino has created an account through gofundme, fundraising website. Click on the following link to read more about this AMAZING Project and make your donation. Please, don’t hesitate to share this link to business contacts or to people who might help us. Thank you very much for all your support.

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