Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Charter School Showdown - Part 1 and Part 2

One of the first of MANY big issues facing Dr. Green....Will the DeKalb County School System accept and follow the State BOE rules regarding Charter School regulations or continue thumb its nose at it? 

Stan Jester has a 2 new posts on his blog regarding the Charter School situation in DCSS:

It seems that the established bureaucracy in DeKalb does not appreciate, or respect, the new rules and guidance from the State Department of Education (DOE), regarding charter school autonomy.  A showdown may be brewing between the State DOE and DeKalb unless the new Superintendent makes a course correction.  The new Superintendent has inherited a central office staff that is refusing to give up control of conversion charters despite the law and pleas from the state and local communities.

Lou Erste, Ga DOE, Throws Down The Gauntlet
Just days before the July 2015 board meeting, Lou Erste (Ga DOE Associate Superintendent for Charter Schools) sent this email to Dr. Jose Boza (DeKalb Schools Director of Charter Schools) saying that the state would recommend for denial any conversion charter where the school district only offered control over 1% of the budget.

Charter School Showdown Part 1:

Charter School Showdown Part 2:

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