Monday, July 27, 2015

Crossroads News: No Diploma for 1 in 6 Seniors
in DeKalb County Schools in 2015

The following is an excerpt from a recent article in Crossroads News.  Clink on the following link to read the entire article:

One in six – or 964 – seniors in the Class of 2015 left the DeKalb School District in May without a high school diploma.

While 5,261, or 84.5 percent, of the class got diplomas, the seniors leaving the district after 12 years with just certificates of attendance were enough students to fill schools the size of Columbia Middle or Cedar Grove High schools, which had 2015 enrollments of 933 and 998 students, respectively.....

Johnson said the Board of Education is looking for more progress in decreasing the number of students who leave the district without diplomas.

“That is why we hired a superintendent [Dr. Stephen Green] with a curriculum focus,” he said. “That should impact our graduation rate.”

(Gee, Dr. Johnson, don't you think a "curriculum focus" should have been a focus of every Superintendent that preceeded Dr. Green?  It's not like the Graduation issue is a new one for DeKalb.)

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