Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Proposal to Address Over-Capacity Issues in Cross Keys Cluster

Listed below is the link to DeKalb School District's presentation with regards to the Over-Capacity Issues in the Cross Keys HS Cluster.

A review of Tuesday's meeting at Cross Keys HS can be found here:

As Superintendent Green stated in the last BOE meeting, this presentation is just a "conversation starter".  The final decision to address the over-capacity may look entirely different than what is presented in this document. 

And yes, redistricting in the Northern part of the county is one recommendation. 

So, Dunwoody, yes we have capacity issues as well, but nothing compares to what these children face each day.  Yes, Dunwoody, we know the over-capacity issues we face are the fault of DCSS.  The administration was told prior to the construction of the new PCMS building that their future enrollment projections were way off.  The administration was advised to build a larger middle school and that idea was rejected.  Six years later - a trailer village now exists at PCMS. Yes, Dunwoody, we are aware that Dunwoody HS has yet to receive any type of major remodel/classroom additions despite years of over-capacity. Yes, we know most of the elementary schools in the Dunwoody cluster are, and have been, over-capacity for years. 

However, let's view everything in perspective. The Cross Keys cluster was virtually abandoned by DCSS.  If not for the work of Kim Gokce, this community would more likely than not still be ignored by DCSS.  I hope Dr. Green makes good on his intent, and promise, to do better by this community. 

This is what the children of the Cross Keys cluster face each school day:

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  1. I doubt the final "solution" to Cross Keys looks much different from what the administration proposed.
    Last April, the BOE approved $1.88 million in renovations for Warren Tech to get the building up-to-date so it can be used as a 3-4 academy.