Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Building S.P.A.C.E.S Community Meeting - A Few Notes

I attended the Region 1 E-SPLOST V Community Meeting held Tuesday at Chamblee Charter High School. That was my first time in the new CCHS building and wow, it’s a large facility.
There were about 60 individuals in attendance, far less than what I thought would attend.  The meeting began with some general information.  
  • Current E-SPLOST expires in June 2017.  If approved by voters, new E-SPLOST begins July,  2017.
  • October meetings are 1st of 2 Community Meetings.  The feedback from these meetings will be used, along with the Facility Condition and Facility Educational Assessment data will be used to identify the priority items that will be part of the E-SPLOST V project.
  • Next community meetings will be held in January, 2016, where the E-SPLOST V projects will be presented to the communities for review and discussion.
At this point, each person in attendance was given a “clicker” device and asked to answer a series of questions concerning redistricting, facilities, bathrooms cleanliness, athletic field conditions, “curb appeal” of the schools, etc.,   My one concern with the questions is that there will be different answers depending on the audience you are asking – will these type of questions provide appropriate “feedback”?  For example, (and I’m paraphrasing): Are you happy with DeKalb’s school facilities?  If you are in the Chamblee Charter HS community, your answer probably will be "yes" because you have this big, fancy, new school.  A stakeholder from Cross Keys is going to have a completely different answer, so I am a little concerned about how this survey data is going to be utilized.  

Once we completed the survey, we were put into small groups.  Led by a facilitator, we offered feedback on each of the questions in the survey, and I thought a good discussion (and some venting, which is fine!). 

On a personal note, my husband asked me why I was attending this meeting as my children are both in college now.  I told him that 1. I want to know what I will be voting for in November, 2016 when E-SPLOST appears on the ballot and 2.  I care about the DeKalb School System. 

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  1. One item from our small groups - everyone was in agreement that the school district get rid of all those rectangular trailers and go with the modular type that Vanderlyn has been lucky to have. The current trailer arrangements in DeKalb schools are both a health and safety issue.