Thursday, October 8, 2015

DeKalb County School's "Comprehensive Plan to Improve All Schools"
Will Schools That Are Effective Be Denied Highly Qualified Teachers?

At Monday's Board of Education meeting, Dr. Morcease J. Beasley presented DCSD's Comprehensive Plan to Improve All Schools.  I viewed the presentation on PDS-24, but missed the significance of this slide as I usually zone out when Dr. Beasley speaks. 

Thankfully, a cluster parent brought this to my attention - Page 11 of the presentation. 

Challenged Schools Obtain Preferential Hiring of Highly Qualified and Highly Effective Teachers

Is DCSD planning to ignore the average student?  Can these students be denied the experience of a phenomenal teacher because their school does not qualify for preferential hiring of qualified and effective teachers? 

As the chart below indicates, District 1 has only one school that meets the criteria for possible takeover by the State and 2 other schools that will be incorporated into this Comprehensive Plan due to their Priority and Focus Schools status.

Is it fair, or appropriate that schools that are "doing it right" and educating their students, will not have access to the "best" teachers? 
Let's make sure we keep our Dunwoody cluster teachers as we know they are highly qualified and highly effective!!!


  1. Yes, I am concerned about what this "hiring preference" means. Does this mean that the District will forcibly transfer highly qualified and highly effective teachers to these schools? Does this mean that the District will offer more $$ for highly qualified and highly effective teachers to go to these schools?

    And what will happen to the not-highly qualified and not-highly effective teachers at these schools?

    There are a lot of BIG unanswered questions in this presentation. I don't see how things can be turned around in 1 year. Even Superman couldn't do that.

  2. You bring up a real concern. Will DCSD not only "steer" the best new hires to struggling schools, but will they remove highly effective teachers from successful schools to the struggling schools? The plan, as it was presented to the BOE, leaves many unanswered questions.