Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Stan Jester: DeKalb Schools To Send Letter of Intent
for Strategic Waiver School System

Per District 1 DeKalb Schools Board of Education Representative Stan Jester:

On December 7, the administration will request the board send a letter of intent to the GaDOE to become a Strategic Waiver School System (SWSS).

The link to Stan's post below gives a brief summary of the various options and links to a couple more presentations that go into more depth.


A point to be made from Dr. Green's post on Stan's blog:

"As a final note, what is also unique in this approach is that the opportunity for a school or clusters to collaborate and petition for charter status is still available should the District become a Strategic Waiver School System."

P.S. I know very little about the SWSS model, other than Gwinnett County Schools have operated this model for many years.

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