Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dunwoody High Wrestling Team Wins 1st Ever County Championship!!
Chris Solo Is County Champ for 2nd Year

Congratulations to the Dunwoody HS Wrestling win for their 1st EVER County Championship:

Photo courtesy of DeKalb County School District Athletics

Congratulations also to Chris Solo for his 2nd Straight County Championship in his weight-class:

Photo courtesy of DHS Principal McFerrin

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Congratulations to the Dunwoody High and DeKalb County School Students Named Semi-Finalists for the 2016 Governor's Honors Program

Congratulations to the DeKalb County School students who were selected as state semi-finalists to participate in the state level interviews/auditions for the 2016 Governor's Honors Program.

Click the following link to be view all state-wide semi-finalists:

High School Student Name Subject Area
Dunwoody HS Natalie Clark Communicative Arts
Iman Hoque Communicative Arts
Erin McDuffie Communicative Arts
Robert Watson Communicative Arts
Brian Hanks Mathematics
Nathaniel Lee Mathematics
Benjamin Planer Mathematics
Jacob Planer Mathematics
Alex Miller Music Voice:  Baritone
Riley Anderson Spanish
Ria Joshi Spanish
Peter Vuong Spanish
Rohan Narenda Social Studies
Ryan Wirtz Social Studies
Chloe Klan Theater Performance
Arabia Mountain HS Artis Trice Spanish
Maya McCollum Social Studies
Chamblee Charter HS Allyson Painter Communicative Arts
Erin Woo Communicative Arts
Sharadindu Biswas Engineering
Navam Narula Engineering
Isabella Sadek Engineering
Manav Mathews German
Sakshi Sehgal German
Brian Kang Mathematics
Emma Dickinson Music Brass:  French Horn
Corey Williams Music Brass:  Trumpet
Catherine Willingham Music Woodwind: Bassoon
Saif Ahmed Science
William Penn Science
Krishna Pucha Science
Benjamin Wolfson Science
Mia Matrazzo Visual Arts
Clarkston Kefai Debebe Social Studies
Cross Keys HS Catalina Valdez Communicative Arts
Yusuf Azizi Social Studies
DeKalb School of the Arts Raven Crosby Dance
Eleanor Iskander Music Voice:  Soprano
Kalonjee Gallimore Music Voice: Tenor
Ava Maalouf Music Voice:  Alto
Holyn Thigpen Social Studies
Clare Mullen Theater Performance
Victoria Armstrong-Mensah Visual Arts
Casey Herring Visual Arts
Druid Hills HS Jordan Bates Communicative Arts
Kyle McArthur Mathematics
Peter Lee Science
Makenna Pierce Science
Seaira Lett Spanish
Maxwell Tinter Social Studies
Hottel Dean Visual Arts
Lakeside HS Kristin Storck Communicative Arts
Mia Mercaldo Dance
John Courtney Engineering
Clare Hunter Engineering
Fahad Paryani Science
Isabel Wargowsky Science
Jessica Thompson Social Studies 
Mary McKean Visual Arts
Stephenson HS Hadeya Nzinga Social Studies
Stone Mountain HS Amber Barnes Visual Arts
Tucker HS Christopher Hoang Communicative Arts
Lilly Sarubbi Communicative Arts
Mon Subedi Science
Elise Harwell Social Studies

The Redistricting of the Cross Keys Cluster: Things to Consider

Cross Key High School Teacher Rebekah Cohen Morris has posted her thoughts on the Cross Keys High School redistricting effort.  You can read those at her blog and also offer your own solutions to the overcrowinding in that area:

Several other conversations regarding the CKHS cluster overcrowding can be found at the following links:

Brookhaven Post (a really, really great community news site.):

Stan Jester's blog:
You can find all the applicable DCSD information at the following link:

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Exciting Update on Dunwoody-Peachtree-Jr Wildcats Volleyball!

info courtesy of Dunwoody-Peachtree-Jr. Wildcats Volleyball Facebook page.

For the 2016 Season, Dunwoody Volleyball will have a new DHS FRESHMAN team PLUS a new PEACHTREE JRS 5th grade team!!  *Rising 8th graders are eligible to tryout for the Freshman team.

Freshman team will practice Monday through Friday at Dunwoody High School, Saturday matches & few matches during the week.

Rising 8th graders who seek more practice days, more challenging matches, and more competitive volleyball, please tryout!...

Mark your calendars: DHS Varsity, JV and Freshman team Volleyball Tryouts - Saturday, May 14, 2016 at Dunwoody HS gym. More details to follow on May Open Gym dates.  

Questions about our new Freshman team?
Questions about our new Peachtree Jrs 5th grade team?

Wesley School Vet Club Offers Umatched Experience for Students

While many schools offer students a chance to learn with hands-on tactics, Wesleyan is taking it to the next level with its Veterinary Club.

The Vet Club, led my former veterinarian and current teacher, Skipper Gholston, is club where students essentially learn what it takes to be a veterinarian. Throughout the year, about 28 students learn actual surgery techniques -  including the right type of stich to use for a specific procedure. 
The students aren’t only practicing in the classroom, though. Gholston and his students actually  perform surgeries on animals – at no cost to the owners.  Gholston and the group of students volunteer to perform surgeries ranging from neutering to completely rebuilding joints on hurt or abandoned animals who would otherwise be euthanized.  
They work on a variety of animals, including dogs, cats, sheep, and cows.


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How Far Does Your Child Live From Their DeKalb County School?
**Updated With Corrected Kingsley ES Data**

Interesting data brought forth by the DCSD Planning Department as to the distance students live from their respective DCSD schools:

This data reflects students residing in their respective school attendance zones and does not reflects students attending the school from other attendance zones.

There are students at Sequoyah MS, Cross Keys HS, Lakeside HS and MLK, Jr. HS that have quite the distance to travel to reach their HS destination.

A few notes with regards to Dunwoody cluster elementary school distances:
  • Austin ES - about 50-50 0 to 1.5 miles from Austin and 1.5 to 3.0 miles from Austin ES
  • Chesnut - all students live within 2 miles of the school
  • Dunwoody ES - 64% of the students live 2 miles or greater from DES.
  • Hightower ES -  all students live within 2 miles of the school.
  • Kingsley ES - 69% of Kingsley students live 2 to 4 miles from the school.
  • Vanderlyn ES - 36% of students live 1 to 2 miles from Vanderlyn; 46% of students live 2+ miles from Vanderlyn

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Wesleyan School Alum, Peachtree Corners Native Named
Williams Investment Society Director

Cody Solomon, a Wesleyan School alum, has just been named a 2016 director of the Williams Investment Society at Washington and Lee University.

The Peachtree Corners native, who is now studying accounting and business administration, is one of three students named as a director. He will serve as an associate director.

The Williams Investment Society (WIS) is a student-led co-curricular club that invests a portion of Washington and Lee University’s endowment in equity securities. Forty students manage a portfolio of approximately $10 million; each year, their goal is to beat the return rate of the S&P 500.

Students can join WIS as first-years, sophomores or juniors. Solomon joined as a sophomore. The application process, which includes a written application as well as an in-person interview, is strenuous and less than half of all applicants earn a spot in the group.

Directors are chosen by the society’s outgoing leadership team with oversight from the group’s faculty advisor, business administration professor Adam Schwartz, and the Williams School’s Crawford Family Dean Rob Straughan. To be considered for a leadership role, applicants must be members of WIS who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the society.

Directors are responsible for recruiting new members and ensuring that they get up to speed quickly. They also work closely to coordinate visits by corporate recruiters and guest speakers.

Wesleyan School, located in Gwinnett County, could not be more proud of Cody’s accomplishments.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Chesnut's Schoolwide 4th Annual Farm to School Nutrition Lesson
Incorporates National Health Standards, Reinforces Science Standards


Chesnut Charter Elementary recently hosted its fourth annual Farm to School nutrition lesson: "Tasting a Rainbow of Plants."  All Chesnut classes - from pre-k through 5th grade - participated in the lesson which was co-taught by the school's P.E. teacher: "Coach" Lonny Dykema, and Angela Renals and Jo Chin, parent volunteers on Chesnut's popular and productive PTC Wellness Action Team.  The health lesson, which included a review of how whole foods help our bodies, a mock trip to the market, plant part identification challenge and a "mini rainbow cup" tasting, was designed to incorporate national K-5 health standards with Chesnut's focus on knowing where our food comes from.  It also reinforced science standards, including plant life cycles.

The children were reminded that a regular diet of many-colored whole (unchanged) foods gives our bodies the most super powers that include brain function, immunity, lasting energy and a strong body. To practice this, all the children had a turn grocery shopping, tasked with creating their own rainbow of plants in their shopping baskets. After choosing from popular and less familiar fruits and vegetables arranged in a rainbow on our market table, each group of shoppers then had to match their produce to their plant part poster. 

Several students were surprised to find that all the market produce was real, and that such a variety exists, while many of the classes exploded into encouragements for their fellow shoppers, "Get something green!" "Grab the mango!" "We already have something yellow!"

Once the excitement of the market game had died down, each child received his or her own mini rainbow in a cup:  garbanzo bean, pummelo, purple cabbage, lime and pomegranate. During the tasting adventure, the class again identified each item as a plant part, and the children correctly answered questions such as whether purple and green cabbage have the same nutrients (not exactly), and how one knows that (because they are different colors); and why one would choose to eat the skin of a fruit or vegetable when possible (because the color is where the most nutrition is).

By a show of hands at the lesson's close, roughly 60 to 75 percent of the students had tried a new food during the lesson, and almost all students had tried something they enjoyed. Favorites varied by class, but didn't always fall to a fruit, some classes preferring the garbanzo bean or purple cabbage.

Coach Dykema supports this creative approach to the health curriculum. He remarked, "This is our fourth year presenting the Farm to School lesson. Introducing students to  healthy foods that may be unfamiliar to them and allowing them to interact with whole foods by holding, smelling, tasting and asking questions never gets old."