Thursday, January 21, 2016

Congratulations to the Dunwoody High and DeKalb County School Students Named Semi-Finalists for the 2016 Governor's Honors Program

Congratulations to the DeKalb County School students who were selected as state semi-finalists to participate in the state level interviews/auditions for the 2016 Governor's Honors Program.

Click the following link to be view all state-wide semi-finalists:

High School Student Name Subject Area
Dunwoody HS Natalie Clark Communicative Arts
Iman Hoque Communicative Arts
Erin McDuffie Communicative Arts
Robert Watson Communicative Arts
Brian Hanks Mathematics
Nathaniel Lee Mathematics
Benjamin Planer Mathematics
Jacob Planer Mathematics
Alex Miller Music Voice:  Baritone
Riley Anderson Spanish
Ria Joshi Spanish
Peter Vuong Spanish
Rohan Narenda Social Studies
Ryan Wirtz Social Studies
Chloe Klan Theater Performance
Arabia Mountain HS Artis Trice Spanish
Maya McCollum Social Studies
Chamblee Charter HS Allyson Painter Communicative Arts
Erin Woo Communicative Arts
Sharadindu Biswas Engineering
Navam Narula Engineering
Isabella Sadek Engineering
Manav Mathews German
Sakshi Sehgal German
Brian Kang Mathematics
Emma Dickinson Music Brass:  French Horn
Corey Williams Music Brass:  Trumpet
Catherine Willingham Music Woodwind: Bassoon
Saif Ahmed Science
William Penn Science
Krishna Pucha Science
Benjamin Wolfson Science
Mia Matrazzo Visual Arts
Clarkston Kefai Debebe Social Studies
Cross Keys HS Catalina Valdez Communicative Arts
Yusuf Azizi Social Studies
DeKalb School of the Arts Raven Crosby Dance
Eleanor Iskander Music Voice:  Soprano
Kalonjee Gallimore Music Voice: Tenor
Ava Maalouf Music Voice:  Alto
Holyn Thigpen Social Studies
Clare Mullen Theater Performance
Victoria Armstrong-Mensah Visual Arts
Casey Herring Visual Arts
Druid Hills HS Jordan Bates Communicative Arts
Kyle McArthur Mathematics
Peter Lee Science
Makenna Pierce Science
Seaira Lett Spanish
Maxwell Tinter Social Studies
Hottel Dean Visual Arts
Lakeside HS Kristin Storck Communicative Arts
Mia Mercaldo Dance
John Courtney Engineering
Clare Hunter Engineering
Fahad Paryani Science
Isabel Wargowsky Science
Jessica Thompson Social Studies 
Mary McKean Visual Arts
Stephenson HS Hadeya Nzinga Social Studies
Stone Mountain HS Amber Barnes Visual Arts
Tucker HS Christopher Hoang Communicative Arts
Lilly Sarubbi Communicative Arts
Mon Subedi Science
Elise Harwell Social Studies

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  1. Thank you so much for posting these honors! Congratulations to these high achieving students.

    I just wish that DCSD cared enough to post this on its website.