Friday, February 26, 2016

Georgia Tech's Women in Engineering Visit Chesnut Elementary

On Thursday, Chesnut's entire third grade was visited by volunteers from Georgia Tech's Women in Engineering. Eight Tech students and a teacher taught a lesson on professional engineers, focusing on aeronautical engineering.

Explaining that spaceships require shock absorbers to safely reenter the earth's atmosphere, they challenged the girls and boys to create a spaceship (represented by a Dixie cup) with two astronauts in the cabin (represented by marshmallows) that needs to be able to hit the earth (represented by the classroom floor) without the astronauts falling out. As Ms. Smith exclaimed, "they had a blast!"

Through Georgia Tech's College of Engineering (CoE) Champions program, Georgia Tech's Women in Engineering students seek to be role models for younger students and inspire them to see themselves as future engineering majors.

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